Forest killers on the Quantocks!

Tree’s produce oxygen,
Houses produce Co2
Humans should be building forests not houses!

So yes, the timber cutters have been spotted up on the quantocks cutting down the woods.
There should be a law that says they must plant an acre of new woodland before they are allowed to cut down 1 acre of old woodland.

So many old woods and forests have been lost to the greed.

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7 Years Old Today!

According to WordPress, seven dark years ago I registered on wordpress.
The original blog has much changed since and I now have 2 blogs but wow seven years.

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NaNoWriMo, I quit!

Yep you heard me, I quit NaNoWriMo 2014!
I didn’t really have any interest in it this year due to trying to get a prequel/fluff/background book out and now its out I have bugs in it that need fixing (thank god for ebooks).

My Finale Word count is at 16733 and I can’t be bother to write any more.

Do I have writers block? – No!
Have I written myself into a hole? – Nope!
Work? – Nope.
Family? – Nope again.

In the end I just can’t be bothered as I need to fix this and get two more manuscripts finished. Just to much of a back log to sort out.

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NaNoWriMo Word Count = 7928

So I put my pen down at 7928 words. Not the week end target I was hoping for but it gives me a 3 day buffer to do some planning.

#NaNoWriMo #Wordcount

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Meeting authors (Ian Rogers)

Had to pleasure of meeting another self publisher today at a craft fair. Ian Rogers writes the book series Captain Pegg Legg unlike most of us, he has chosen to publish paper back and is yet to explore the world of publishing at any great length.

It was nice to meet and talk about how we plan our books and what issues we have suffered when it come to the world of ebooks (discovered another bug in the kindle version today :( )

And I hope you fellow readers and authors can help spread word of his books.

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A big Achievement ( I may have had ADD and Dyslexia!)

When I was in school I didn’t enjoy it, everything bored me and my grades were low to nothing.

He has the ability to do great things if he put his mind on it and concentrated more

This was the story of my life, and I left school with noting even remotely close to useable grades and swore that I would never write anything.

Years passed and in a bout of boredom I went back to college and retook my english exam’s and ended up with grade “C”.

On top of that I also sat a Japanese online course (wasn’t a JNPL so didn’t really count) and passed it with 97% pass grade!

What is the point of all this?

My writing is still terrible and I still struggle to remember spellings but the biggest thing is that I often loose attention to a project (ouu squirrel!) and having published a novel is a master achievement (have 2 more waiting for a rewrite) the point is that I have always had a great imagination and writing has given me a chance to let it out and have something to focus on!

If you also are affected the same as me, try writing, I don’t actually write a book from start to finish, but instead write in a haphazard fashion only compiling it into something resembling a story near the end.

don’t give up, just keep trying until you find that thing that keeps you drawn.

Edit: A fellow bloggers experience.
A son who was told not to bother trying, but to leave before the exams. Now has his own business and has shown he may have dyslexia but he isn’t dyslexic. It no more defines him than the spot on my backside makes me spotty. Excuse the analogy. Great for doing what my son has done. Finding your way around despite the blindfold. Loads of luck with your book

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The Diaries of James Purcell – The End.

Adam cover 6a

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And its live!

Well the book is up on Amazon now but I have a horrible feeling that KDP has screwed up.
Two days ago I uploaded a new version with loads of spelling and formatting fix’s but the “Look Inside” shows an old version with an error filled dedication!

I do hope its just the preview thats out and the KDP preview mobi looked ok!

If anyone finds any issues please feel free to shout out here!

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It all started on Halloween!

Two years ago I finished and released a short story for Halloween, two years later, 3 manuscripts have been written of which the first is now finished.

Tomorrow is P-Day and hopefully a Steampunk/Monster/Fantasy series will start being published!

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This is an Emergency Announcement (Brass Goggles)

For anyone in a slight state of loss over Brass Goggles, it appears that its been knocked out of phase and is now located at

Please update your bookmarks and rejoin the collective.

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