Signed, sealed and awaiting posting.

Signed, sealed and awaiting posting.

Well that’s done and dusted, two steampunk short story’s for a writing competition finished making three now finished. now for the other story’s to do.

What’s holding me back from sending off the first for publishing? The cover. I can’t draw very well and my photoshop is quite literally 2nd to none, as in I have next to no ability! I have a few idea’s for covers  but nothing planned out yet.

The book is stalled at Nineteen thousand words, I have to re-read what I have written so far and make a start on editing the existing notes.


Project 1 – Tales of the Aether ShadowJames and the crew of the Aether Shadow must fight to protect there ship and friends connected to the ship.

Project 2 – Creature/Eleanors Beast (Name changing) – The creature that killed Jame’s betrothed and been tracked done. Will he get revenge?

Project’s 3 and 4 – Writing competition entry’s.

Project 5 – Dragon hunt – James gets caught in a fight between two of Albion’s dragons hiding in our world.

Project 6 – Kitsune, A return of a friend from James and Shelly’s childhood returns seeking help.

See you in port soon, Airship Pilots.

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