Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

While spell checking and proofreading my book in Pages 09 on Mac OSX I came across some oddities that make it difficult for the EN-UK users.

The spell checker and grammar rules rely on EN-US. Some of the rules are that colour is not recognised but the american color is recognised. SS is replaced as ZZ and the proofreader has a distaste of gender specific words. Some of this could be down to anti-discrimination rules and laws, but when you trying to write a historical based piece of work is gets down right annoying.

Call this a rant or a moan but I just thought this may be worth pointing out.

30,000 words and target hit three days early.

30,000 words and target hit three days early.

Well, I set a target of hitting the 30,000 word mark by Monday 27th however a work mate challenged me to write one thousand words every night.

Challenge meet ! however the next target is looming. I have a guessamated target off seven thousand word to the end of the first draft. I have 3 days off work and I’m going to try to hit that target!

See you in port next time Airship Captains.