Synthetic Dream Foundation – The one eyed maiden.

Getting easily distracted from editing the first draft of my book, I hit google to see if there was anything new on the steampunk front. One of the entry’s was this video.

The song is The one eyed maiden by Synthetic Dream Foundation and the Video is from Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

While spell checking and proofreading my book in Pages 09 on Mac OSX I came across some oddities that make it difficult for the EN-UK users.

The spell checker and grammar rules rely on EN-US. Some of the rules are that colour is not recognised but the american color is recognised. SS is replaced as ZZ and the proofreader has a distaste of gender specific words. Some of this could be down to anti-discrimination rules and laws, but when you trying to write a historical based piece of work is gets down right annoying.

Call this a rant or a moan but I just thought this may be worth pointing out.

30,000 words and target hit three days early.

30,000 words and target hit three days early.

Well, I set a target of hitting the 30,000 word mark by Monday 27th however a work mate challenged me to write one thousand words every night.

Challenge meet ! however the next target is looming. I have a guessamated target off seven thousand word to the end of the first draft. I have 3 days off work and I’m going to try to hit that target!

See you in port next time Airship Captains.

27,414 Words, 10k till end of first draft.

So after all the distractions of making notes on the other books, (over 10K done on book 3 of the captains series) My work mate set me a challenge of two hours per night dedicated to working on the book.

What this means is that I’m actually managing around 1000 ish word per night. If I keep this up I may finish the first draft by mid next week!

I have a 3 Day week end this week (Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday monday for the Uk).

If I pull my finger out, I may get it finished by monday night.

I’m getting excited that I’m about getting close to finishing something I started back in September/October 2012.

See you in port soon, airship captains.