The Steampunk Holy Trinity.

The Steampunk Holy Trinity.

I’m suffering a bit of brain freeze at the moment and when I do I tend to hit google for random things. One of the things I came across was a post on Steampunk Workshop about books that define the Steampunk genre. Of course that can only reference the trinity of K.W.Jeter, Tim Powers and, James Blaylock. ( 9 Books that defined Steampunk )

The first one was Morlock Night by K.W.Jeter. I dived over to Amazon to look up the kindle version  and read the preview version. In the beginning of the book there is a piece written by tim Power and about a series of books based on Arthurian Legend twisted into Victorian times. I found this interesting because my own books I’m working on are also based on an alternative version of Arthurian Legend.

This is the first time I have found out about these books so it looks like I have some reading to do.

On the subject on my books, I’m about to pull a 2000+ word chapter as it covers background events instead of the main character events. I think I need to work on the partner book of my main book to brake the brain lock.

Well see you next time Airship Pilots.


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