Lady Mechanika.


So, in the search for some interesting “Steampunk” to read I came across Lady Mechanika written by Joe Benitez.

From issue “0” I’m now addicted. To be honest it may not be to everyone’s taste with the Bio mechanical but going beyond that it’s a very good read.

Issue’s 0 to 3 are out via various places and issue four is in the works. If this come’s out as a compiled real book, Joe will find my order waiting .

I’m not going to go much into the story line beyond saying that its about Lady Mechanika as she tries to discover her past and how she got her mechanical parts.


*Small Rant* If you’re going to get your work self publish, get as many people to prof read your work first!

There are far too many books coming out that have far too many grammar and spelling issues (thats after ignoring the deference between EN-GB and EN-US)!

If you want people to give you work high rating and reviews please, please, please proofread!


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