NaNoWriMo No Chance.

Well Kitsune as stopped development @ 28,271 words. I have dropped the target to 40K (from 50K) but still do not think I can even make that!

Aether shadow is calling out to me along with so many other idea’s That I’m not short of book ideas how ever I need a Holiday to clear my mind.

I also need to replace my temp covers with proper book covers, however the inability to draw is a pain. 

So Many idea’s so little time (well got my whole life to work on them but still …)

Keep watching and waiting. I need to finish book one before working on book 2 as book 2 reveals some thing’s from the past.

That’s all for now, see you in port soon, Airship Captains.

Target failed.

I hit a wall during this month and thing slowed down.

I wrote, two, one hundred word shorts, and a one thousand word short. and got my book upto 48,778 words.

The problem is that writing sword fights and keeping them different is quite a struggle. I’m still researching sword fighting techniques and it’s taking it’s toll.
Any way July’s challenge is NaNoWriMo Camp.