On to Book 2.5 and book 3. Shelly Lee and The Black diary.

Well as much as I need a rest, my misfiring synapse and crying out to write more.

Book 2.5 – Shelly Lee, continues the story of the crew of the Aether Shadow after James leaves and finished just after book 3 starts.

Book 3 – The Black Diary, Is the end to the James’s story. He does not get killed, but his part in all this come to a temporary end.


Over all, this world has 15 books planned over several sub series that intertwine with each other. There is also two prequel series that will cover the younger years of James building up to the events of the The Diaries of James Purcell.


That’s all I can say for now, as the keyboard calls out to me. 

See you in port soon Airship Captains!

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