3 books at once?

I’m waiting of the first two to be proof read and started work on the third.

This one will end the current trilogy (well the MC will be written out for a while.) but while I write this I have a side trilogy with the first two books covering events from this one while expanding it from the viewpoint of other Characters.

Book three will be the start of a dark time for the MC, Due to the events of others, darkness will claim his soul and he will turn to the dark side.

To be honest, when I started writing all those years ago, I didn’t think that my idea will grow so big, now I am starting to feel a bit baffled by the scope of my world.

Do other writers feel this way?

2 comments on “3 books at once?

  1. I’m a big lover of being immersed in fictional worlds so when I start writing a project that requires world-building, I can never picture it ending with just one book. I know there’s more to tell and I love the idea of being the one to bring it to life. A big idea is nothing to be afraid of 🙂 You’ve gotten this far! Wait till you finish and look back at all the work you’ve done! All the best 😀

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