Why can’t I work on my story? NaNoWriMo Blues!

Why can’t I work on my story? NaNoWriMo Blues!

At the moment I am seriously thinking of dropping NaNoWriMo due to work!

It’s not that work is taking up time that should be used with writing, it’s just that, the harder and better I try to do my job, the more errors crop up in my paperwork which leads to arguments, which just leave me angry and unable to concentrate when I get home!

Is some respects, this is good because it drives the anger and hatred of my main character through the later books, but it’s no good for the earlier books.

I’m trying to write the first one which is set before the original first one and will require a few changes to that and the one I wrote for NaNoCamp but with all this stress from work, I can’t concentrate. If I new that I would be earning money off my books, I would quit but I need the first one to be finished and earning enough to pay for the follow up books and I have no capital or manuscript to send.

Apologise if this feels like a rant, that would because it is and I need to de stress (first week back after holiday and I already wish I was my MC and could turn into a werewolf!)

Never mind, one day till NaNoNovember starts.

Good Luck Everyone.


240 Year old working Automaton.

240 Year old working Automaton.


Just came across this link to a 240 year programmable clockwork automaton.

The writing Automaton.

Built in the 18th century by the Swedish clock maker Jaquet-Droz’s, the writing automaton is one of the oldest, working, clokcwork, programmable machines and is bulit into the shape of a small boy.

A Scottish Musket

A Scottish Musket

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

While up in Scotland I paid a visit to Edinburgh Castle on the day they had a weapon handling display. The man doing the display was handling a Flintlock musket and I managed to get my hand upon it. While longer then I am high I was quite surprised by it weight of lack off.

While I don’t have any pictures of it as because my travelling companion walked off to look else ware, It did prove very revealing, the whole weight of it was less then tat of a medium size fire extinguisher and without true information (the gentleman never having been asked) I would place it under nine kilograms but above five kilograms. This may seam lot alot to some but considering its size, is a surprise.

As much as I would have like to handle the other weapons (especially The Scottish long swords in my attached photo), time was not on my side and I had to move on. There is alot for the history fans up in Scotland to view if you have a car or time for public transport. I hope to go back up and see more at some point when money is not so tight.

Right then, I’m off to chew on some haggis. See you in port next time Airship Pilots.

OSX’s New Distraction for novel writers.

OSX’s New Distraction for novel writers.

For those like me who have been living under a internet blocked cloud for the last week, the most important piece of OSX history has happened. OSX 10.9 Mavericks is now out in the wild. Weighing in a 5.95 Gig’s, this is going to kill alot of peoples rather crappy internet connections this week end. I am not home till friday night so will have to wait till Saturday but it means that after everything gets back up, my laptop will spend the whole weekend strapped to the modem downloading this new update!


Good luck everyone lets all celebrate!

Steampunk Colt Navy 1851 Part II

Steampunk Colt Navy 1851 Part II

Steampunk Colt Navy 1851

I haven’t really done much (Who am I kidding.)

Finished cutting out the body, Snapped the barrel where the wedge now lives. Receiver has been shaped (not true to form) Handle glued to receiver.

Need to wait for a bit to order the 40mm rod for the revolving bit and mill out some rounds.

All ready planning a MKII due to so many errors on this one (handle is not square to body) but as this one will be steamed up, I can hide a few of the errors.

Over use of Situated and situation!

Over use of Situated and situation!

I do not know if it is just me, but of late I have seen too much use of the words situated and situation.
I find these words bland and boring, lacking any taste and feeling and far to military, but they are used far too often and in the wrong taste.

I have been reading alot of fantasy and Steampunk of late and I find that these words just do not find in with the feel of these books. No matter if its a person an item or a place, these words are used.

For people writers should be using something like.

She nestled down between her friends for warmth.

For item’s, something like

The Building had be constructed in the middle of two joining streets.

For places

The city grew to span the valley between the hills that marked the separation of the counties.

The above have far more feeling to them and fit in more with such historical/fantastical scenes.

Disclamor : This is not the only word that has been over used but it is the one that causes me to trip over a story line more then grammar and spelling faults!

This sounds like a rant and it truth it is but I need to say it and get it off my chest. Please fellow authors, stop over using such bland words and please be more creative.

Time for me to sign off now as I still have planning work for NaNoWriMo to go.

Proof reading and copy editing.

Proof reading and copy editing.

So with two first drafts done and a third on the go, thoughts turns to proof reading. There are alot of choices out there and all the prices seam to be around the £250+ mark for a 50K book (neither of mine reach that yet hence why there only first drafts!)

My problem is that I am terrible with spelling and grammar and need alot of help. Looking through the available services, it would seam that I need both a proof reader and copy editor costing nearly 250+550 (1.1p per word!).

It’s no wonder that there is so much unchecked poorly written crap on the market when writing cost this much just to get started. I am not the only one to notice that in the last year the grammar and spelling in ebook’s had decreased to such a degree that it can ruin a perfectly good book. So far I have been on to two authors about error spotting, as that is only because I care about there books. There stories are wonderful and capture my imagination perfectly, and I want to see them excel. But I digress, this is about me not them.

The reason my own work is crawling is because I look to it, see all the errors (or don’t see them in truth) and feel depressed about getting them published.

“You need money to make money!”

No truer word was said in jest and to be a proper book writer when spelling and grammar is not your strong point emphasizes this. One way to look at this is once the first is out and making an income then the second will already have some funding in place for it. I wont have the funding to get any proof reading done this year and in truth I don’t think I have the courage. to get any done.  I’m sure my work will attract a fan base but the whole uncertainty of it all fills me with fear.

Perhaps I should add a donation function to my blog to help raise money.

Has anyone got any ideas or thoughts on what I have said?

As long as it’s not spam they comments will get approved. So going ahead hit me with your comments!

Awaiting readers response – One nervous unpublished author.