To dream the dream you write.

To dream the dream you write.

Often when I read other peoples books I find that an interesting part will reflect in my dreams however, while writing my own books, I am yet to have a single dream of the life of my character.

Does this mean that my work is boring is it because as I write, my mind see no point in having the dreams. 

For one I would love to be the dream instead of the dreamer.

Well as you can tell, I am struggling with my series. I have had to go way back to the start of the Captains story, way before he was a captain, all the way back to the start to when he was about to get married and the whole events that lead up to him becoming a captain. I had intended this to be a prequel if need demanded it however, there was a request from alpha readers for this to be included so that other readers would understand the linking events mentioned in the two current books.

3 comments on “To dream the dream you write.

  1. Anneque G. Malchien says:

    That’s interesting. I usually never dream about my characters unless I’m pulling some seriously long work days. I can’t think about anything else through the day, but usually at night it’s just the same random thing. If you’ve ever worked a job like sorting or picking fruit, you’ll know it only takes a couple of shifts to start dreaming about picking fruit and nothing else. So I can’t say why it’s unusual to dream about your writing. Except that maybe you’re innovating while you do it, your mind is always reaching into different places, and so there is no repetition for your dreaming brain to fall back to.
    Hey! Maybe you’re doing it right. 🙂

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