Steampunk, Victorian Fiction or Fantasy.

Steampunk, Victorian Fiction or Fantasy.

Which one of these does my book series fit?

When I started writing my first book, it was falling into the category of Steampunk because it was set on a ship with semi realistic steam powered and magical machinery however, the more I worked on it, the more I worked on adding factual information and scenery. My own field of study during my schools GCSE exam years was the Victorian Industrial revolution. While I failed this, I still had hooks trapped in this period of time. It wasn’t until a few years back that I stumbled across the Steampunk revolution that had occurred that I retook up my interest and started writing (Having a boring job helped.) 

After writing the first draft’s of the two original first two books, I went back on started on one I was going to leave as a prequel however, feedback concerning plot hole pushed this book into the first slot and now as I write this, I find my self researching more and more about the Victorian era in an effort to make my books have a feel of “Did this really happen.”

While I now class my series as more Victorian Fantasy, it still has roots in Steampunk. The beginning of the series starts in the real Victorian world but will move slowly into the fantasy world of dragons, magic, myths and Japanese lore while still involving airships, strange technology and factual information (Well not as much of the latter to make it Victorian fiction).

Before I go, I would just like to make a shout out to everyone who has and will help point me in the correct direction during my research periods to make all this believable. Thanks everyone, it is to all of you and my family that the series will be dedicated.

See you in port next time, Air ship captains.

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