What Happens Next. Life after NaNoWriMo.

What Happens Next?
Life after NaNoWriMo.

Now that NaNoWriMo is over for 2013 for most of us, its time to decide what happens next.

Now sitting on my computer and multiple backup device’s exist the first drafts of a trilogy that marks the beginning of my book series. The following list is the book names along with there word counts.

  • Mythobiology – 50,775
  • Aether Shadow – 55,269
  • Kitsune – 39,881

To count any of them as complete would be to lie. Going purely on how much of the story I know that missing, I still have a long way to go with them. Each of them need to be above sixty thousand words of pure story and then there is all the editing and prof reading and test reading before I can think of going to publish!

So what has changed?

Some fundamental basic’s in the whole time line has changed as sections get moved around, Some new characters need to be added and plots need to be clearly laid out. there is still along way to go to even get the first one ready but I will continue to blog about it as time moves on.

As to my immediate plans, all three have been printed out and await checking for plot holes. I need to take a holiday from writing (an impossibility as I want to work on them) but I need to clear my mind and thoughts.

So dear readers, this captain is going off duty for a while but see you in port next time Airship Captains.


NaNoWriMo Word Count = 42,545

NaNoWriMo Word Count = 42,545


OMG, I don’t believe it, a bit late but just scribed 42,545 resulting in only 7455 words to go.
Estimated date of finish is still hovering around the 29th so I don’t have time to relax.

I am shattered but still have so much of my story to write and then there is all that editing and rewriting to go.

Onwards and upwards.

Common ladies and gents, let give it one last push to reach the 50K target.

See you in port tomorrow night airship captains and fellow scribes.

Customised Spell checker and Auto-complete in OSX

Customised Spell checker and Auto-complete in OSX

I don’t know if this is at all possible but it is getting to a stage where a need a highly customised by lingual OSX dictionary, Spell checker, auto correct and Thesaurus all in one tool!

My problem is that with words like there, their and they’re I always end up picking the wrong one! I find that I can not get to grips with words that have multiple spellings but sound the same or words that are spelled differently to how I pronounce them 

I.E = The word sure – I have always pronounced it Shure  (Note the “H”) 

It is these kind of words that send me screaming and drive me up the wall.

Another problem I have is with through, thought and throat. again to most these words are miles apart in sound and meaning but again I cant grasp the difference when it comes to writing them down!

What I need is a plug-in that can pick up on these words and pop up a suggestion box with there meanings but works OS wide and not on individual programs. I am not a programmer and have no understanding how the Dictionary/Spell checker/Auto correct services work.

I hope someone out there can understand what I am wanting and point/help me build this.