Nanocount = 16,694

Nanocount = 16,694

Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to due to making some tools and working on my revolver but atleast I am still on target.


The path that we were walking along wasn’t as flat as it looked from the house, it twisted back and forth between trees and at several points climbed up an embankment that looked to have been cut out to make the climb easer. The were not many signs that sheep had been allowed in this area and even though there were animal tracks and remains, there were more like the other wild animals I had come across in other woods that I had been too. We continued through the woods and started to head down into a valley where a stream meandered through. We followed the stream for a few more minutes before coming to a circle of stones and stopping just on the outside. Professor gray handed his rifle to his companion who hung it over his shoulder. I handed him mine and he walked back away from the circle for a while.

“Why are we here professor?” I asked.

“I have something to show you that I couldn’t risk mentioning in a letter.” He said and led the way into the middle of the circle.

The stones were covered in arcane ruins that I did not understand and in the middle, a single flat stone lay engraved with more stones. He knelt down on the edge and put his hand on the middle. I looked over the stone, it had a thin layer of moss over it but there were several section leading from the middle that looked to have been torn up by claws. I touched the middle where gray indicated and it felt smooth. Not carved smooth, but melted smooth and along the edge, the moss was burnt black.

The Diaries of James Purcell, Book 1 Mythobiology

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