I gotta have faith, I gotta have faith, faith, faith.

I gotta have faith, I gotta have faith, faith, faith.

Yes I have the George Micheal song stuck in my head. Why do you ask?

Because I have lost faith in both my books and the whole series!

At the moment I just feel that the whole thing is a screw up and just shouldn’t be allowed out in public. I have yet to edit the first book or take it from 50K to 60K but I just feel put off by the whole thing. So far, Since I printed it out, I have not even looked at it. Part of that was the decision to put it on the back burner and take a rest but with it sat there at the back of my mind, the more I research publishing, the more I think that I will never make it.


I think that most of it is down to the fact that even though I have taken 25 days of holiday leave from work, I have yet to have a proper holiday. Well the new year is approaching fast so time to change my ways.

See you in port soon airships captains and fellow scribes.

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