Random thoughts from the troubled mind of James Purcell.

Random thoughts from the troubled mind of James Purcell.

Even in the warm air that had been trapped by the thick canopy above me, I felt cold. Ever since I had woken up on that ship of strangers, I have yet to know what being warm felt like. Curled up in the hollow between the tree roots wrapped in a blanket and travel cloak I feel cold. I should light a fire, but I don’t want to be seen. All I want is to be alone and get some sleep. How long has it been since I could calm down and let sleep overtake me? I don’t remember, the ever-growing need for revenge pushes me on.

I pulled the hood of my linen robe up over my head followed by the hood of my travel cloak, Pulled my knees into my chest and laid my chin on them, closing my eyes. Even though the forest was full of animals, there was one noise out of place. Someone was trying to creep up on me, someone who made a living being quite. To be honest I was feed up of everything, I didn’t care if he was here to kill me. I just wanted to be alone. The blood coated sword leaned against the tree next to me and I made no move to grab it, I just sat there and waited.

There was a smell in the air, the smallest hint of a scent, a scent I knew. If I had been human, I never would have recognised it, but I was more and the smell was too familiar. The iron tang of blood filled my sense’s and my inner wolf cried out, but I held it back with much effort. The owner of the blood I knew and I knew why he was bleeding.

“Would you mind if I share you clearing?” came the voice of a man I knew.

“Not my country.” I growled back.

The man laid his pack and weapons down against a tree and started making a fire. “You look cold.” He said looking at me, he struck a spark and the pile of twigs and dry leaves caught on fire. Slowly he built up the fire and before long the clearing was bathed in the orange glow cast by the flames.

CampNaNo Novel now locked.

CampNaNo Novel now locked.

So, after much deliberation, I have settled on what I will do for CampNaNo.

I had planned on working on one of the many side novels that accompany the main series but after looking through a draft of book two and three that I sent to someone, I have settle on a complete rewrite of the book. Now that I am working through the second draft of Book one, the time line is locked and I can go back to work out cleaning them up.

I am making use of Spellcheckplus to correct my spelling and grammar as I go and already see an improvement. While there are many things that the site gets correct there are still one or two things that it does not quite understand (All Hallows Eve).

I think I may pay up and subscribe to the site to a full year as it has made my writing better.

NaNoCamp is around the corner.

NaNoCamp is around the corner and I contemplated not taking part as I have 3 books to edit already but boredom is getting the better of me. I have loads of plots and story’s covering several genera’s but lacking in the attention to concentrate on them.

These are the idea’s

Aether Shadow Part 2 
Now the Captain of the airship Aether Shadow, Shelly Lee now has to lead her crew on an adventure in this new world however, Hot on her heals is another airship captain determined to take the ship and crew for her own means. With the return of her former shipmate, The Elf Queen Issabella and the support of the french and Japanese forces in this world, can she save her crew?

Rise of the Gray Wolf.
What happened to James Purcell, the former captain of the Airship Aether Shadow and do they really want what has returned to be part of there lives?

The Dragon Rider.
After becoming trapped in the Vail and rescued by the little girl know as Louise, the two escape and return to there world of the living that has moved on without them. Louise is actually a dragon that can assume human form and has taught mac how to use the powers of the Vail. Now able to use magic in a form better suited to his ability’s, Mac and Louise return across the worlds of England and Albion in search of people from there past. Can they make a new life for them or will they become part of the coming war.

The Moon Druid.
Media Studies Student Jessica has always known there is something special about her. Plagued with a strange illness that causes her to go from a complete lack of energy one day to being like a hyperactive child another day. She is drawn to a stranger who walks into the shop she works in, he has an alternative motive and has tried to hide from the world for his crimes.
What is the connection between them and can she find out the answer to her illness.

Iconian the Meddler.
For over two hundred years the dragons have remained hidden from the world but when his mate leave for self imposed exile even is love for the queen cannot hold him back. Will he finds his partner and discover what she has been doing in the absence.

Oh dear, such choices.

Integrated Editing.

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

There is just something about reading in book format that makes it easer to edit however all I had was an Android tablet and Kindle K3 keyboard that are unable to edit pages files (or scrivner!) so this weekend I picked up a cheap iPad Mini to use as a reader/editor. This makes it so much easer to read and edit my book in a more natural ebook format style.

Being able to edit on both OSX and IOS (via the iCloud) should make things so much easer.


Anyone else do this when working on there books?

The end is near!

The end is near!

Well excluding the grammar, spelling, plot holes, punctuation and other writing bugs, I have officially finished the first draft of Part one of Book one of the Diaries of James Purcell. This Part completes the first chapter of his life and has its own title The End.

Part 2 is called Second Life and has taken and unexpected plot twist to when I had first penned it and has taken James into a dark place. He now will need to rebuild his life and start again before he can be the man that I need him to be in the next two books.