Integrated Editing.

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

There is just something about reading in book format that makes it easer to edit however all I had was an Android tablet and Kindle K3 keyboard that are unable to edit pages files (or scrivner!) so this weekend I picked up a cheap iPad Mini to use as a reader/editor. This makes it so much easer to read and edit my book in a more natural ebook format style.

Being able to edit on both OSX and IOS (via the iCloud) should make things so much easer.


Anyone else do this when working on there books?


2 comments on “Integrated Editing.

  1. Desiree B says:

    I do! I guess it’s because I like to pretend as if I’m a potential reader. It seems though, for some odd reason, I am able to spot more flaws that way then reading it in the writing program. So you’re not alone lol. 😀

  2. Lois says:

    Interesting… I do download my books onto Kindle to edit, but never thought about doing what you’ve done. Thanks for the idea!

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