CampNaNo Novel now locked.

CampNaNo Novel now locked.

So, after much deliberation, I have settled on what I will do for CampNaNo.

I had planned on working on one of the many side novels that accompany the main series but after looking through a draft of book two and three that I sent to someone, I have settle on a complete rewrite of the book. Now that I am working through the second draft of Book one, the time line is locked and I can go back to work out cleaning them up.

I am making use of Spellcheckplus to correct my spelling and grammar as I go and already see an improvement. While there are many things that the site gets correct there are still one or two things that it does not quite understand (All Hallows Eve).

I think I may pay up and subscribe to the site to a full year as it has made my writing better.

2 comments on “CampNaNo Novel now locked.

  1. Desiree B says:

    Good luck on your NaNo novel! 😀

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