Passed 40K and it sucks.

Passed 40K and it sucks.

As you can gather, I have passed 40K instead of scoffing chocolate. I should be tucking into an early double malt but today’s work sucks.

Its supposed to introduce the next party into the conflagration but it flows like a brick on a road.

I need to go back and edit P1 now and work out formatting and cover design but alas P2 is calling out to me. Part 2 is supposed to cover him rebuilding his life as well as introducing the Lords of Camalonia but alas every word of it is crap.

There is still ten days left so onwards and upwards.

One comment on “Passed 40K and it sucks.

  1. winterbayne says:

    You can write for a few more days then go back and revise.

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