Cutting through Air.

Hers another little sword related tip.

I barely heard the whistle as the sword cut through the air, In a split second, it collided with the log beside my head, scattering splinters everywhere.

Being an owner of a sword, I sometimes I try some basic moves to help flex and exercise the arms and wrist. While swinging, I started to hear the whistle of air as the sword cut through. I have taken time to watch my swing and noticed that when the air whistles over the blade, the blade tip is a blur. It’s knowing little things like this that we can use to help describe the speed at which a sword user swings.

There is another side two this, I also posses a long sword (two handed) Short sword (single handed) and Katana (Japanese two handed) and when each of these cut through the air they each have a different sound. I know this isn’t all that helpful, but it’s the small things that can make a big difference in a story.

Now I just need to find a sword teacher who can show me how to actually use them.

One comment on “Cutting through Air.

  1. Desiree B says:

    Writing about things you’ve experience is easier compared to writing about things you’ve never done before.

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