OSX Wrong symbols in text.

While have someone point out bugs in the first edit draft of my book I have come across a strange font bug.


In the text above, you will notice that two different set of speech/quote marks are in use. I’m not sure what happening and I want it to stop. I am trying to write a book in the old font style using the 66/99 style marks instead of the ”” marks.
Has anyone out there got enough experience on how to fix this is OSX 10.9.2 and Pages 5.2 (2013/14) version.

3 comments on “OSX Wrong symbols in text.

  1. Desiree B says:

    I’m not sure what program you’re using but I am familiar with the markings. There’s usually an option (probably in the “view” drop down menu) in most editors where you can see hidden formatting marks.

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