The Fall of Terra #53: Devine Deliverance

Thank you Shaven Wookiee (John C Scott) for the opportunity.

Shaven Wookiee

The deck heaved around him, his head hurt and when he opened his eyes, just the red glow of the self-contained emergency lights cast any illumination about his surroundings. He found himself flat on the floor of the ships brig, up against the cells door. As he sat up, he realised that the door was open and there was a hiss of escaping air. Looking out the door into the brig lobby he caught sight of the prison guard lying on the floor, his head at an impossible angle. Getting to his feet, the prisoner made his way out of the cell and over to the guard, he relieved him of his side arm and checked if it worked. Finding not even the slightest sign of life in the weapon, he threw it away and relieving the guard of his keys, left the brig section.

The ship shuddered around him…

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3 comments on “The Fall of Terra #53: Devine Deliverance

  1. As I said, it’s a pleasure to have others running around in my fictional universe! 🙂 Just hope you enjoyed it!

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