So I made the title word up but this is why.

Monocharacteraphasia = An inability to follow more then one character in a story.

I thought that I would crack on and rewrite book two while book one gets looked over and, while the vast majority of it is written there are section which caused problems with certain types of readers. At one point in book two the story leaves the main character and follows a secondary character as they go about action that will an effect in the later part of the story and future books.

It would appear that some readers can’t handle the change from characters and loose the plot line. While struggling to rewrite the prologue I face the dilemma of do I leave these chapters in or pull them. The book can exist in most without them but I fear that If I do pull them then questions will be raised later.
What to do, What to do.

See you in port next time, Airship Captains.

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