A big Achievement ( I may have had ADD and Dyslexia!)

When I was in school I didn’t enjoy it, everything bored me and my grades were low to nothing.

He has the ability to do great things if he put his mind on it and concentrated more

This was the story of my life, and I left school with noting even remotely close to useable grades and swore that I would never write anything.

Years passed and in a bout of boredom I went back to college and retook my english exam’s and ended up with grade “C”.

On top of that I also sat a Japanese online course (wasn’t a JNPL so didn’t really count) and passed it with 97% pass grade!

What is the point of all this?

My writing is still terrible and I still struggle to remember spellings but the biggest thing is that I often loose attention to a project (ouu squirrel!) and having published a novel is a master achievement (have 2 more waiting for a rewrite) the point is that I have always had a great imagination and writing has given me a chance to let it out and have something to focus on!

If you also are affected the same as me, try writing, I don’t actually write a book from start to finish, but instead write in a haphazard fashion only compiling it into something resembling a story near the end.

don’t give up, just keep trying until you find that thing that keeps you drawn.

Edit: A fellow bloggers experience.
A son who was told not to bother trying, but to leave before the exams. Now has his own business and has shown he may have dyslexia but he isn’t dyslexic. It no more defines him than the spot on my backside makes me spotty. Excuse the analogy. Great for doing what my son has done. Finding your way around despite the blindfold. Loads of luck with your book

And its live!

Well the book is up on Amazon now but I have a horrible feeling that KDP has screwed up.
Two days ago I uploaded a new version with loads of spelling and formatting fix’s but the “Look Inside” shows an old version with an error filled dedication!

I do hope its just the preview thats out and the KDP preview mobi looked ok!

If anyone finds any issues please feel free to shout out here!

It all started on Halloween!

Two years ago I finished and released a short story for Halloween, two years later, 3 manuscripts have been written of which the first is now finished.

Tomorrow is P-Day and hopefully a Steampunk/Monster/Fantasy series will start being published!

The Deadline is looming.

I do not know what to expect, as I have said before, this is a novel that was never supposed to exist but it does and even though it has some issues (to be sorted on the next re-write/compilation) it is almost ready to go.

To cover this “Broken” issue I have added this.


Dear readers, while the first part of this book is complete, I am afraid the the second half has the feeling of being incomplete and missing chapters. I have to confess that you have notice a problem that I have had to face while writing this. After over a hundred years, there are still chapters of my life that are still sealed under the Two Worlds Alliance Secrets act. While I am working hard to try to get them made public, I am afraid that they are unavailable and the copy of the manuscript that has these chapters included has been redacted to the version that I now present to you. If you would like to see these lost chapters made public, please support my petition to get them released.

When I can work out how to make the petition I will upload and link to it.

How do I go about writing a series?

I meet up with Lois of http://loiselden.com and started sharing experiences about writing. One of the things that came up was “How do you go about writing a series?”

The Diaries of James Purcell (Book #0 – The End, is coming soon) and is planned for nine book over three trilogies but, how do I find the inspiration to write the series? The analogy I used was “A series is like a tree growing. As you start writing, the story grows on its own and will split and grow branches.

This has left me with a minor issue with the series I have started writing the first of a side series called “Valkyries – The Lady Death.” The Valkyries series follows the female main characters as they o about there lives outside of the main series. so far the first few of the series previously held the title of Æther tempest (a trilogy) but the title never felt right.

The current plans for the Valkyrie series is a follows.

v#1 – The Lady Death
v#2 – Captain Lee
v#3 – The Elf Captain
v#4 – McClays Tempest.

The Lady death while starting as a NaNoWriMo project starts in T.D.J.P – BOOK #0 – The End and will parallel the main James Purcell cycle while the other 3 fit between the two trilogies that make up the James Purcell cycle.

But, I’ve wondered off subject here. The ideas for these books started as chapters and paragraphs in the main stories but as questions started to rise, notes and background fluff started to be generated. These “Fluff” text soon start to take on their own life and demand attention. It is this point that the branches grow to their own branches and eventually enough notes exist that you have another book.

(I really hope that helps)

She also asked me the following: When writing a sequel how do you avoid reproducing chunks of the previous books in the fear the readers will have question about because they didn’t read the first?

There are many ways to answer this.

1, The Prologue. I once read that a prologue is not often read because it usually doesn’t contain much that adds to the story. To me, this feels like the ideal place to recap the previous book.
2, Flash backs. Characters will always drift of and remember or day dream about previous events.
3, Hints and subtle clues. If you want to avoid the recaps and memories then another option is to just drop hints to the past events. assuming that the reader doesn’t expect everything to be reproduced then (I hope) that these hints will be enough to make readers thing, “Oh I’ve missed a book here and ned to read the previous one.”

I apologise if this is hard to understand but I do tend to confuse explanations at times but, the other reason is that I have “Man Flu” (ROFL) and feel drained from not much sleep.
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask them.

B.T.W once I have finished the ebook I will move on to P.O.D publishing via amazons createspace so expect a writeup of that soon.

See you in port next time Airship Captains and Words Scribes!

Talking about writing

Lois Elsden

It’s always interesting to talk about writing, but it’s especially interesting to talk to someone who writes themselves… to talk and listen! I never mind wittering on to anyone about what I do and how I do it, but what really gets me thinking is listening to another writer!

Today I had a meet-up in Taunton with another National Novel Writing Month Writer, someone who like me is going to challenge themselves to write 50,000 words during the month of November. We talked about our plans, we talked about our past experiences, we talked about how we write and think and plan and work things out. I was particularly interested to talk about the difficulties of writing a sequel; it was so useful and helpful to listen to someone who has done just that, and to hear about his solutions and suggestions.

He is writing a cycle of novels, spanning different times…

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NaNoWriMo 2014, The Story that never was supposed to start!

NaNoWriMo 2014, The Story that never was supposed to start!

I have thought long and hard over Joining NaNoWriMo this year and I have to say that I have given in and posted up my entry.

Like most stories, I had never even thought about this but the idea is running away and a character that was killed in the beginning of book #0 The End (hopefully coming out for haloween) is having her own novel. My novel called “The Lady Death” follows James fiancee Eleanor Theologian as she faces death and the fact that she can never be with him again no matter how many time he may die.

This book will involve spoilers concerning the nine book’s that make up the main stream of “The Diaries of James Purcell” so will probably not see the light of day until I finish the series (well not unless I cave under pressure of readers who want to know more.

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Looking for the source of an image

Has anyone ever seen this image before? ac5a93fe4d299258aae8938c0ef7f158 I would like to use an edited version of it in my book but have run out of links to follow to its source. Does anyone spot where this image came from and who its creator was?

Ahh getting somewhere. was made by Edgar Clement, and was snatched from his image La Trinca (The Holy Trio)