No I haven’t given up.

I have been struck down three time by a cold in four months and it has taken it’s toll on me but I haven’t given up. Those that have followed my other blog know that I have got a new printer ( a Prusa i3 extrusion printer) and have been trying to lean how to make use of it which has caused a few distractions, along with helping mum with her hobby which she hopes to make a business, I have been somewhat distracted.

Due to feeling not happy with the ebook, one the current paperback version passes muster and get’s published, I will strip “The End” back to the main story and will be removing the sections “Second Life” and “Dragon hunt” so that I can spend more time on redeveloping them. I also have the true book one and it’s equal nearly finished and need to get them done before going back to add to the prequel ( The “0” prequel series) and adding all the early years stories that are collecting.

To be totally honest, the main reason for this is something most authors face, I am bored of working on this book and need to get back to the actual story cycle that started it all.

What’s my plan for this year?
Aether Shadow which is the next book in the time line but the first in the actual series is planned for halloween release (just like the current book) I dunno if it will make it but the manuscript is further along in development then The end was.

I hope to meet up a few more times with writers this year so will be happy to keep in touch with the Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset and North Somerset writers.

See you in port next time Airship Pilots !

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