Tsü You?

So After finding link to another social network and signing up, I thought I should post a link.


Tsü promises to pay its users for allowing advertisement and judging by the counter on the top corner, so far they are keeping there promises.

As to my books, I have submitted “The End” to ACX in the hope that someone will pick it up and turn it into an audio book.
It would seam that even though Its on amazon select I can still have it on iTunes and still retain the select benefits.

Why it’s wrong to kill off characters needlessly

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1408766_flying_books_1Earlier this week, I posted about how we can help readers connect with our characters by feeling what they feel, and how sometimes that might not be the best idea or might chase away some readers. Well, you can never please everyone. No one can.

Today, I wanted to discuss the lasting impact of when a reader truly does connect with a character, and feels what that character feels. A few things happen, and they are their own form of magic.

  1. WE CARE MORE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHARACTER. This is fairly obvious, and is, of course, the major reason we want readers to connect with a character. We want them to be interested in the story, and the people it’s about. We want them to hopefully be interested on more than a superficial level.

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Publishing on iTunes

I still haven’t got “The end” fit for iTunes yet, but a short story that has been gathering dust on my Hard drive is now finished and in the process of getting published on iTunes (Amazon is coming, i promise)

Pumpkin Dragons started off as a little forum story and grew but after a while (finished the first draft) it was left to gather dust.

I spent the weekend cleaning it up and now I can call it finished. getting it up on iBooks was a bit of a chore but now my side of the publish is sorted out, the Ibooks side was easy to sort.

Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working

Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working, Nothing is Working!

Yup not having a good day today!

Everything i trying to assemble will not fit, every piece of 3d software I used is broken ( I refuse to install windows just because some dick thinks it is the only OS that counts!) And I have no idea’s what I’m doing to my books!

Do I have writers block?
Hell no, it doesn’t exist!

I have commissioned out the next two covers to the artist but I still have lost all plots according to my book and I can’t work on my 3d printer extruder design and the needed software function on OS X are broken!


5 things I hate about being an indie author

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Writers block Image by nate at https://www.flickr.com/photos/okaycity/ licensed under creative commons.

Think indie publishing is all flowers and glitter? Think again. Here are the top 5 things I hate about indie publishing*:

*warning: there may be satire ahead

1 Up to the minute stats

They say ignorance is bliss, and in this case ‘they’ are right. How am I meant to be able to concentrate when the lure of the KDP stats screen is there to feed the procrastination monster. How I yearn for being in the dark about my sales, not knowing how my book’s performing until I receive my monthly / quarterly / annual statement. How much easier it would be to sit down and work on my manuscript without the stats screen singing my name, beckoning me to take just one look to see if anyone has bought in the last hour.

2 I’m forced to write exactly what I want

Part of the…

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Excitement of next project. Æther Shadow & Kitsune.

I have a twinge of excitement. The latest amendments to the paperback manuscript have been accepted, I finished the unformatting of the digital copy and have started the reformat.

But that not the excitement, i am excited because I can leave this behind me for a while and concentrate on getting work on the next two manuscripts underway.

To say that I’m bored of reading the same story over and over (i can’t stand to read a book more then once) is an understatement. I have partially forgotten the events of the next book and I’m sure there are sections that will need to be altered following the creation of the “Zero” series starting with the end.

Æther Shadow advances the story to 1889, and a new set of problems but hiding in the darkness is the monsters from James past.