The Complete Victorian Farm Collection.

With the exception of Wartime Farm, I have always liked the Complete Victorian Farm series of documentaries. Unlike the education I sat through in school, I actually watched all the dvd’s from start to end and learnt a lot. (There are two more additional series, Tudor Monastery Farm and Secrets of the Castle) the historians who put their time into these series make the information interesting and if your into these type of documentarys then I recommend you watch them through.

The Complete Victorian Farm Collection consists of the following series.

I have only been to Morwellham Quay which was the location of Edwardian farm off peak but I can imagine that during school times the place can get quite interesting.

If you want more information click on the links to view the dvd’s in amazon.


4 comments on “The Complete Victorian Farm Collection.

  1. paulaacton says:

    I love the living history type of programme even if it does leave on feeling a little queasy at times.

    • I caught bits of the Victorian farm a few years back then when it was re run I watched all of them.
      I got the bok set for christmas which only goes to fuel my like of history.

      • paulaacton says:

        I am looking forward to the start of 10000 BC later tonight, I am pretty sure that will be one that would have me throwing in the towel straight away, catching, killing and preparing food I could probably live with but without what we would could as basic toiletries, clothing not so sure though of course it will be interesting to see what if any allowances are made

      • Opps forgot about this one

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