Duel 3 – Ezra & Eudora

Duel 3 – Ezra & Eudora

Ezra and Eudora had watched Harland duel from the position on the wall and were surprised when he surrendered to Davis. “He must see something in Davis, as he would never give up a challenge so easy.” Ezra said with a smile.

“Very unlike him.” Eudora responded watching Davis preparing for the next fight.

Eudora and Ezra drew there swords and walked along the top of the ruins of the old keep to confront Davis. Stepping down off the ruins, Ezra landed in front of Davis and Eudora Landed behind him.

“Split your sword Davis, you will need both of them for this fight.” Ezra said.

“You will be fighting the two of us at the same time.” Eudora said.

Davis studied the two of them for a few minutes before splitting his sword. “If you insist, My Lord and Lady.”

With a deft flick, the two half’s of his sword separated and Davis spun the blades in his hands. Taking a few deep breaths to still his rapidly beating heart, Davis stood with both sword pointed at both of the new combatants, ready to counter which ever struck first.

Ezra and Eudora pushed there cloaks off there right shoulders to give them more freedom of movement. There swords were identical, short, but with a distinct shape completely different to the normal blade he had seen so far. Both swords were slender with a slightly curved single edged blade and had finely engraves spiral decoration that ran down the sides of the blades, around the hand guards and continued along the handles to join up at the tip of an equally decorative pommel. Davis stood between the identical twins watching for the slightest movement that would give away their first attack. As he looked back and forward between the two, waiting for the attack, he couldn’t help the feeling of nervousness growing in the pit of his stomach. The stillness of the twins was starting to annoy him and he wised that one of them would move and get the duel under way. The waiting finally got to him and as he was about to make the first move, Eudora smiled and the twins both attacked at the same time in a blur of blades as Davis parried and struck with everything he could summon. The two of them worked perfectly together keeping Davis between them. Davis tried several times to get them both on one side, but every time they countered his movements. In a move that put them off balance, Davis spun and brought both swords into a parallel position, an arms length apart. The swing caused Ezra to step away, but Eudora took the full impact of both swords, pushing her back towards the wall. Davis put both half’s of his swords together and in a figure of eight move continued to swing at her forcing her further and further back against the wall. Her back hit the wall and she ducked and spun around and under Davis’s blade coming up behind him.

Davis’s sword clanged against the stone wall just as Eudora ducked sending sparks and stone chipping fling and he smiled, now that they were both together, he split his swords a second time and went on the attack. With both of them in front of him, Davis did not have to concentration was no longer devided on protecting his back and his front. Wind rose and blasted through the ruins carrying small stones and dust into a cloud and pushed the reming fog away from the ruins. Eudora was struggling to keep her cloak behind her and with Eudora momentarily distracted Davis swung his left sword up at Ezra causing him to use his own sword to parry the blow. Releasing her cloak in frustration, Eudora lunged in and Davis side stepped, Eudora’s momentum carried her past Davis and caused her to loose balance and fall forward. As she regained her balance, Davis swept behind her and bought one of his swords up under her chin.

“Do you yield, My Lady?” Davis asked using the other sword to keep Ezra away.

“I yield.” She squeaked before carefully sliding her sword back into her scabbard. Davis release her and she moved over to a low wall to watch the one on one duel that now existed between Davis and Ezra.

“May I borrow your sword, dear sister?” Ezra called out, releasing the clasp holding his own cloak and letting it fall from around his neck and off his shoulders. Eudora pulled her sword back out and threw at a Ezra who expertly caught it by the hilt. “Thank you sister.” He said sweeping the sword down and taking a bow. With a few exaggerated swings of both swords, and a few spins he turned back to Davis With the left sword held at neck height and the right sword held waist height and slightly forward and taking a sideways stance. “You thought you were the only duel sword user here?”

“Without knowing who my opponents are, I would never make such a presumption.” Davis said Assuming his own defensive pose.

For a few minutes both stood there watching each other, looking for the slightest sign of a gap in their defence that would allow them there next move. Davis nearly missed it, but there was a slight movement of Ezra’s foot before he launched into an attack that looked like he was flying. Ezra was moving faster then his eyes could follow and Davis was forced on the defence. The ruins rang with the clang and scrape of their swords crashing together and Davis struggled to find any opening to allow him to attack. Ezra’s attacks were hitting his swords in a pattern that he could follow and closing his eye’s, Davis could picture that pattern and defend without even looking. On and on, Davis blocked the strikes and then he heard the pause. After sixteen blows, there was a slight pause before it started again. He would have to be quick to make use of this, but turning one sword in a reverse and using his arm to support the sword, he used it to defend himself, blocking every single blow. He counted down the strikes and on the last blow, pulled the free sword back and slid it across the first. Rotating the defensive sword back to the fighting grip, and he twisted his swords and caught both of Ezra’s. In a feint, Davis pushed with all is might on the swords and adjusted his feet. Ezra pushed pack and Davis twisted his body. Just like Eudora, the move caught Ezra of balance allowing Ezra’s momentum to knock him of ballance.. Davis slid both his swords down Ezra’s blade towards the hand guards. His own swords hand guard snagged in the hand guard of one of Ezra’s, and with a twist, his pulled one of them out of Ezra’s hand, sending it flying across the ground. Ezra’s quickly recovered swinging his other sword in mid fall. He struck Davis’s swords as he fell and rolled across the ground. Ezra jumped back to his feet and charged at Davis. With only one sword the attacks were easer to to following and deflect. Davis was getting tired of Ezra and needed to finish this quick. Ezra’s face was bright red but not from exhaustion and Davis realised that it was because like all lords he didn’t want to loose, but was starting to make mistakes. Taking a gamble, he side stepped to see if his previous tricks would work but Ezra defended against them. Ezra was staring to slow in his attack and Davis felt it was time to end this. Using a scissors movement to pause Ezra’s attacks, he forced Ezra to lunge at him. Davis allowed Ezra’s blade to slide close to his face and he pushed up and twisted his head. Davis released one of his swords and grabbed Ezra’s hand guard, and twisted. He felt a crack come from Ezra’s hand and the sword came loose. Davis pulled the sword free and with a flick reversed the sword and pointed it and Ezra’s throat.

“Do you yield, my lord?” he asked.

Ezra held his wrist and nodded. “Yes, I yield.” he said in a defeated voice.

Davis pulled Ezra’s sword away and wiped it on his own jacket sleeve. “Let me put this away for you.” He said and carefully slid the sword into Ezra’s own scabbard.

Eudora came over with Ezra’s cloak folded in her arms and her own sword in her Scabbard. “Well done Davis, you fought well. One piece of advice I will give you. Do not underestimate Gregorio Leverstak. He has always lived as a scout and will not hesitate to use every dirty trick in the book.”

“Thank you, My Lady.” Davis said with a bow and watched them leave.

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