Spreading the word (free advertising)

Spreading the word (free advertising)

I am constantly surprised by the support of random strangers. Every time I talk about my work and writing to strangers people go online and look up my book! I must be doing something right as people who do even use Amazon kindle are going online and downloading kindle apps just to download my book to read. but it’s not just that, they are also spreading the word of the book!

I just like to give out a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to purchase, read and support me. Thank you everyone!

Please continue to support me and my writer friends all over the world!

Amazons James Purcell Page.

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The Diaries of James Purcell on Shelfari

Book 00 The End – Remixed


I promised that I wouldn’t start a rebuild of Book 00 The end until i finished the first three books (the manuscripts are waiting to be edited.)

From a tech point several things are broken (one is Amazons fault!) I finally solved the NCX bug in Scrivener  (see earlier post) along with finding the cure for another TOC related bug.

There are also some content related issues that have started to dig at me and some sections from future books that also belong in this book along as a chronological rebuild.
A new version will be released to the kindle soon and hopefully I can finish the two manuscripts that I should be working on.

The End has Come! (parting of ways)

After 4 long years the unthinkable has happened, my kindle is dying!
In half an hour last night the poor thing reset it’s self 3 times and had to restore it’s self.

I would have loveed to have upgraded to the new Voyager but with the paperwhite having the same functions (from a writing perspective) and being £70 cheeper, I’ve brought myself a new paperwhite.

Lets hope the cover fits as it impossible to get the same cover for other devices 😦