Warwolf Part 3 – Trench Ghost

Trench Ghost

For more then a month I have watch the young soldier walk up and down the trenches carrying his lantern. Never once did I assume there was anything unusual about a soldier walking around. This night the sun had faded early and I laid there against the trench wall, Enfield rifle in hand looking out over the nomans land that separated us from the Huns. I spotted a flair flying above the field and nearly missed the scream of a shell falling from the sky. The shell exploded near me, the blast of air nocking me unconscious. When I woke up the next day I asked the Commanding officer what happened to the young soldier with the lantern. He asked me to describe the young soldier, but when I finished he stiffened.
That young soldier was killed at the beginning of the war!” He stated before dismissing me.
I walked back to my station in the trench and dropped back into my usual place. How could he be dead when I have seen him since I arrived.
“You know why!” my companion said as he sat down beside me, ” Ghost like us walk the battle field never finding peace.”

Warwolf Part 1 – To War

To war.

“You will fight in this war and you will die like every other Englishman to protect your country!”
“Like Hell will I, I have already given my life for this damn country and what did I get in return, nothing, just another damn call to arms!”
“I don’t care who you think you are, but today you are now part of the British army and you will fight for your country!”
That was how it started and that is how I ended up back on the battlefield fighting against a new enemy, but this time they’re normal human men.

BBC’s Wolf Hall in Somerset.

Montacute house

Montacute house, Montacute, Somerset (Near Yeovil)

Barrington Court House, Barrington, Somerset.

Barrington Court House, Barrington, Somerset.

BBC and Channel 4 have been broadcasting quite a bit of historical drama of late and the one I have just started to watch is Wolf Hall which is based around Henry VIII and his wives. As a Natural Trust member I have had free access to Natural Trust properties. For the first time this year I found time to make use of my pass and went out exploring. Within 45 mins drive of me is several Natural Trust properties and my target was to visit Montacute House in the picturesque village of Montacute just outside of Yeovil in Somerset.

Not knowing anything about this place I just dropped in on a whim. As it turned out, this place along with Barrington Court (20 mins away ) were used in the BBC series Wolf Hall and is based around Henry VIII and his wives. I have just started to watch the series and not sure what to make of it yet.

Why the Silence?

Why haven’t I updated properly for so long?

I still haven’t fixed the formatting of the paperback (still have dpi resolution issues) and Book 2 is way behind target.

The rewrite of Book 1 Æther Shadow passed 34K tonight and well on its way to passing the 60K mark, so much new material has been added to it that now makes it a story. I hadn’t considered the missing parts when I wrote the original version, but the new version now add more depth to the characters and the plot. I have also pulled a massive section that just felt out of place.

I may finish by December, but I am sure that it will miss its planned All Hallows eve release date.

See you in port next time Airship Captains.

Biggles through time

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the abysmal film to hold the Biggles name!

I love old books but scared to read them for fear of damaging them. Having come into possession of several box’s filled with the books I have started to read through them and have to say that even though I am a fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy, I am now a fan of the books. My own work is set in the alternative victorian timeline but to sit a read books set during world war one is refreshing.

I would just like to thank all those people who have sat down, read the books and written out the reading order lists.

Thanks guys.

The Complete Victorian Farm Collection.

With the exception of Wartime Farm, I have always liked the Complete Victorian Farm series of documentaries. Unlike the education I sat through in school, I actually watched all the dvd’s from start to end and learnt a lot. (There are two more additional series, Tudor Monastery Farm and Secrets of the Castle) the historians who put their time into these series make the information interesting and if your into these type of documentarys then I recommend you watch them through.

The Complete Victorian Farm Collection consists of the following series.

I have only been to Morwellham Quay which was the location of Edwardian farm off peak but I can imagine that during school times the place can get quite interesting.

If you want more information click on the links to view the dvd’s in amazon.

Secrets of the Castle.

Just found out that the Historians that brought the farm series are back with a new series.

Ruth Goodman with Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold are at the Guédelon project in France where they spent time Learning how to build a castle and what life was like for the workers.

Looks like I missed the first 3 episodes (only episodes 3 and 4 on BBC iPlayer.

I don’t have a Passport but If I did, the Guédelon project would be on my “Places to go” list.

Follow the link for more information about the project >>> http://www.guedelon.fr/en/

The Watcher in the Woods (Vail Gates?)

There is truly only one film that Walt Disney ever made that still scares me.

Released in 1980, The Watcher in the woods is a truly scary children’s film.

IMDB’s Blurb >

When a family moves to a country home, the young girls experience strange happenings that have a link to an occult event years past.

I had forgotten about this film until to day.  In my books, I explain that the wizards, druids and other ancient species fled our would through hidden magical ways called “Vail Gates”.

Now I think back, this film may be the first (unknowing) reference to these portals that led to other worlds.

The film is based on a book by the same name written by Florence Engel Randall.

I think I have just found my next book to read.


Integrated Editing.

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

There is just something about reading in book format that makes it easer to edit however all I had was an Android tablet and Kindle K3 keyboard that are unable to edit pages files (or scrivner!) so this weekend I picked up a cheap iPad Mini to use as a reader/editor. This makes it so much easer to read and edit my book in a more natural ebook format style.

Being able to edit on both OSX and IOS (via the iCloud) should make things so much easer.


Anyone else do this when working on there books?

I’m going to University!

I’m going to University!

Well, not quite, I have signed up for the Open University – Start Writing Fiction course. This is the first course that I have attempted since I finished my beginners Japanese course with a pas rate of 92%. I am filled with mixed emotions of both fear and joy but with having several NaNoWriMo friend living geographically near also signed up, I am sure we will all be successful.

What about the books?

I am still struggling to get the first part of book 1 finished and this part alone is a shy under 20K words and its still waiting for one chapter to be finished and one to be written! I may post this up as a freebie to judge the demand for my book series while I work on getting the rest of book one edited.

So far the response has been wonderful, thanks everyone for fighting your way through the rough drafts!

Contact me?

I have been slowly building up the contacts sites but so far the graphical side has bee getting to me.
This blog is the primary contact site for me so far but I do have a G+ Page which is written by the good Captain himself, You can follow him @James Purcell
If it works, you can sometime follow me with this hash tag – #JamesPurcell
Twitter – Absolutely not, I am afraid I don’t abide twitter.
Facebook – I am waiting on pay day to get some bits and then I will hopefully get a proper photo of the good captain to start using as profile pictures. However, until then, there is no facebook page.

What else?

Due to work, there hasn’t been much progress on the revolvers.
I have also taken part in the Brass Goggles Community Writing project, but have pulled out of the Homestart Writing competition. I just feel that my piece didn’t have enough to it.
If there are any artist out there who feel inspired to make up some artwork, feel free but contact me with links to artwork using the DeviantArt website via the member ajb-2k3.

Well that is all for now, see you in port soon, airship captains.