#2017 Resolutions

What will I be doing in 2017?

  • So far on my list I have 3 flying lesson to take before march,
  • Two Manuscrips to rewrite and publish,
  • One Manuscript to finish and publish,
  • Launch a Patreon Account,
  • Rebuild and Update website,
  • Reformat my ebooks for not just kindle, but for iTunes, Barnes &Noble and Smashwords,
  • And I need to edit Æther Shadow into Paperback format,

So far It looks to be a busy year and I have alot of work to do just to catch up.

In the Social Media side I have

And as always, if anyone spots anything that i missed feel free to contact me.

Have a Happy 2017 and see you in an airship port soon fellow captains.


Second proof arrived, inconsistent printing.


The image above shows the two proofs of my book.
The one on the left wrapped in Organza in the second and the one in Black Watch Tartan is the first.

I must point out that nothing was changed between cover versions but you can see the colour difference.

Ignoring that, After using the new template file, a major formatting bug with the accented letter e “é” has now been fixed but now I seem to have a problem with the image DPI. Still need to read through the book to double check but at the moment it stand at 154 pages long .

BTW the wraps are sample of a little project that work with the books.