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Here is a shot using the online previewer to check the graphic/copyright page.

The image at the bottom is the publishing logo I am keeping to and is a spoiler to the second series of this book set (after I get the first 9 books published along with starting my fantasy series!

My neck hurts!

I’m once step closer to getting the book ready for its release next month!
I have now finished the low level formatting and cleanup and now can start on the high-level formatting that readers will see.

My neck hurts so now i’m going to try and get drunk!

See you in port next time Airship Captains.

OU Assignment Work :The Medieval Prison Cell

pc12 pc13 pc14

The prison room.

Michael could not believe what he was looking at. He was stood in a castle in 1890. In his own world this castle was almost derelict, but here, in this world, it was as if time had stood still. His guards, who looked like a combination of medieval knights mixed with modern day soldiers, shoved him through a door that exposed a narrow spiral staircase leading up into a tower. The medieval chains that bound him, made it hard to climb. When he reached the top, a door was opened and he looked down into a narrow corridor that must be hidden in the castle’s outer wall. There was very little light in the passageway and he was roughly shoved down the small flight of stairs that lead into the passageway. The chains around his ankles caused him to stumble and he reached towards the wall to stop his fall. At the end of the cold and damp passageway was a single door which opened into a small round room. The only light source came from a small window in the wall and the fireplace. There was a small bed and a desk in the room, but little else. Another rough shove forced him into the room and as he stumbled to turn around to the door, he realised that there was no way that he would ever escape and see his daughter again. The door was pulled closed and he heard a key being turned in the lock followed by bolts being drawn across. Taking a look around at his small cell, he couldn’t help feel like he was living in some medieval story.

He pulled himself to his feet and lowered himself onto the crude wooden bed which had a straw mattress and a rough blanket. The fire not only provided light, but it was the only source of heat in the whole room. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but he had an idea that it was connected to the ship. If he was here, it meant that the ship, her crew and his daughter were safe from harm. He heard muffled footsteps echoing down the corridor along with a conversation outside the door. The bolts slid open, the door unlocked and as it opened he came face-to-face with his host.

“Norland Bracegirdle, I presume?”

The man bowed, “Do I have the pleasure Michael McClay, of one of the two current owners of my ship?”

“Our ship, you legally sold it to us then tried to take it back. What is all this about Norland?”

“I don’t have to answer that, I need my ship back and once I have the captain along with you, then I can persuade you to finally return ownership back to me.”

Michael laughed “Nice try, with all that you have done, there is no chance of ever seeing it again.”

“There is still time for that” Norland replied before leaving the room.

Images and Text Copyright © Adam Bryant, 2012. All right reserved.

CampNaNoWriMo Update ?

My OSX/IOS workspace

My OSX/IOS workspace


CampNaNoWriMo Update?

I thought I should write a post about how far along I am in the beta version of the book.

Using the Nanocounter my official word count (actual document word count) is sitting around 32,660 however, in the process of writing and the little distractions, I have written another 6K words on top of that! My original target word count for the first part of book one came in at 29K and 15 chapters (not to far short) and while there are still loads to do on it, I hope that the finial pre-publish will pass 30K.

Part 2-Second life MKII is only up to 3.5K, but I hope to get up to the 6K mark by drink o’clock (1759 According to Arthur Guinness)

I am at the point in the manuscript that I have an idea of where it’s going, but no notes on what to write.

I say this far too many times, but I am still amazed that a 2.2k word Halloween short has blown into a book series as more and more readers ask me questions.

I have a private hidden group on facebook where a few have had the chance to preview the first 14 chapters, but until the first part get epublished it will remain secret.

Integrated Editing.

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

There is just something about reading in book format that makes it easer to edit however all I had was an Android tablet and Kindle K3 keyboard that are unable to edit pages files (or scrivner!) so this weekend I picked up a cheap iPad Mini to use as a reader/editor. This makes it so much easer to read and edit my book in a more natural ebook format style.

Being able to edit on both OSX and IOS (via the iCloud) should make things so much easer.


Anyone else do this when working on there books?

Colt Navy 1851 MKII & MKIII Spectre.

Colt Navy 1851 MKII & MKIII Spectre.


Metal Colt 1851 parts

So the MKI Colt 1851 was interesting but while taking a brake from writing, I started on a second (well second and third). I learned some thing from building the first and that was, when working with acrylic, softly, softly is most defiantly the key. In the image above you can see a trigger and locking bolt made out of 1/4″ steel and the trigger is fatter then normal (just for me). The locking bolt was easy enough to make with a dremel and file while the trigger proved rather more hard. Just from rapid heading and cooling caused by high speed drilling and dunking in water, my wooden cutting block became burn’t and the trigger became so hard that it trashed a full dremel drill kit!

I am annoyed about this because the drill’s were in imperial and now the only ones available are in metric!

Anyway why two at once? Well like the first one, the Spectre is being made out of acrylic so that I can use it as a looking adapter to adjust the metal parts and see them working! The metal version wont be a full clone as well, I not that good, but atleast it should look close enough. hopefully when the acrylic is finished with it will also look like a gun but transparent and more respectable.


Well that is all for now, see you in port next time airship captains!

1870’s Arrest, Trial and execution.

1870’s Arrest, Trial and execution.

So this is proving more difficult then I expected, while there is lots of information on people being executed by hanging for various crimes, trying to find transcripts of the events from arrest to hanging is proving difficult. While there are transcripts that do exist from this time, there is very little available online to read.

I have paid a visit to my local library to raid there offerings and have a few books to hand but it will still take time. Transcripts from the time do exist but most are kept hidden away in archives. I am starting to question why I am doing all this research and it falls down to one thing, I want part of my book to feel realistic even if it is Victorian fantasy!

Delving into history can be interesting at times and you can discover some interesting things about places that you may have been without giving a thought to. One of these places is an old stone building behind wooden hoarding near the engine shed in Bristol. This structure s the last remaining building of Bristol’s new Gaol which was closed in the 1870’s. This last building was (according to research) the site of the last public hanging in Bristol but it just sits there now falling apart.

I hate to see places like this going to waste and wish I could win the Lottery just to rebuild them, even if they have a grisly past.

Currently my book sits at 58,460 words and growing all the time. I am only 48 pages in on the first edit and still adding in paragraphs that I have been told that I need. Once I finish this pass, will see if I can find some to cast there eyes over it and point out anything that they think is wrong on missing.

Well that is enough thinking for now,

See you in port next time Airship Pilots!

What Happens Next. Life after NaNoWriMo.

What Happens Next?
Life after NaNoWriMo.

Now that NaNoWriMo is over for 2013 for most of us, its time to decide what happens next.

Now sitting on my computer and multiple backup device’s exist the first drafts of a trilogy that marks the beginning of my book series. The following list is the book names along with there word counts.

  • Mythobiology – 50,775
  • Aether Shadow – 55,269
  • Kitsune – 39,881

To count any of them as complete would be to lie. Going purely on how much of the story I know that missing, I still have a long way to go with them. Each of them need to be above sixty thousand words of pure story and then there is all the editing and prof reading and test reading before I can think of going to publish!

So what has changed?

Some fundamental basic’s in the whole time line has changed as sections get moved around, Some new characters need to be added and plots need to be clearly laid out. there is still along way to go to even get the first one ready but I will continue to blog about it as time moves on.

As to my immediate plans, all three have been printed out and await checking for plot holes. I need to take a holiday from writing (an impossibility as I want to work on them) but I need to clear my mind and thoughts.

So dear readers, this captain is going off duty for a while but see you in port next time Airship Captains.


Nanocount = 16,694

Nanocount = 16,694

Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to due to making some tools and working on my revolver but atleast I am still on target.


The path that we were walking along wasn’t as flat as it looked from the house, it twisted back and forth between trees and at several points climbed up an embankment that looked to have been cut out to make the climb easer. The were not many signs that sheep had been allowed in this area and even though there were animal tracks and remains, there were more like the other wild animals I had come across in other woods that I had been too. We continued through the woods and started to head down into a valley where a stream meandered through. We followed the stream for a few more minutes before coming to a circle of stones and stopping just on the outside. Professor gray handed his rifle to his companion who hung it over his shoulder. I handed him mine and he walked back away from the circle for a while.

“Why are we here professor?” I asked.

“I have something to show you that I couldn’t risk mentioning in a letter.” He said and led the way into the middle of the circle.

The stones were covered in arcane ruins that I did not understand and in the middle, a single flat stone lay engraved with more stones. He knelt down on the edge and put his hand on the middle. I looked over the stone, it had a thin layer of moss over it but there were several section leading from the middle that looked to have been torn up by claws. I touched the middle where gray indicated and it felt smooth. Not carved smooth, but melted smooth and along the edge, the moss was burnt black.

The Diaries of James Purcell, Book 1 Mythobiology