Scene writing trouble

Scene writing trouble


While trying to rewrite a manuscript that has missed its deadline I have come across a section that is missing a scene. This scene could be used as a chance to take a break before jumping into the action, but I am struggling. I could just drop the scene but the section that follows feels funny without it.

What to do, what to do.

See you in port next time, Airship Captains.

Book 1 Æther Shadow officially underway.

The original draft of Book 1 Æther Shadow weighed in at only 40K words. Today I reached the 17K mark of which only 4K is edited from the old version. The new version has a deeper story and now includes the protagonist side of the story that was absent from the first version. The self imposed deadline is getting worryingly close and I still have a long way to go, but this is a good start.

See you in port next time Airship Captains.

Excitement of next project. Æther Shadow & Kitsune.

I have a twinge of excitement. The latest amendments to the paperback manuscript have been accepted, I finished the unformatting of the digital copy and have started the reformat.

But that not the excitement, i am excited because I can leave this behind me for a while and concentrate on getting work on the next two manuscripts underway.

To say that I’m bored of reading the same story over and over (i can’t stand to read a book more then once) is an understatement. I have partially forgotten the events of the next book and I’m sure there are sections that will need to be altered following the creation of the “Zero” series starting with the end.

Æther Shadow advances the story to 1889, and a new set of problems but hiding in the darkness is the monsters from James past.

The evolution of an idea.

It all started with the Halloween story Eleanors Beast, since then I have written several shorts, the first draft of two books and started the third.

While seeking help from alpha readers I ended up with a list of plot holes that needed filling because there were causing confusion for those that did know about the shorts.

While I had not intended writing the book that is set before the actual start of my series, alot of the holes was caused in that period of the main characters life. I have started working on this prequal book which will now be the new book 1. 

What am I getting at here?

During the crafting of this book some of the original characters have evolved and attitudes between them have changed. What was a good reunion in the short has involved into near hostilities due to a reader pointing out about how people grieve over the ones they lost. I hope that when I am finished with this series of drafts the books will be more emotionally attractive to readers.

Well thank you for taking the time to read through this and follow me in my endeavour. 

See you in port next time, Airship Captains.

Signed, sealed and awaiting posting.

Signed, sealed and awaiting posting.

Well that’s done and dusted, two steampunk short story’s for a writing competition finished making three now finished. now for the other story’s to do.

What’s holding me back from sending off the first for publishing? The cover. I can’t draw very well and my photoshop is quite literally 2nd to none, as in I have next to no ability! I have a few idea’s for covers  but nothing planned out yet.

The book is stalled at Nineteen thousand words, I have to re-read what I have written so far and make a start on editing the existing notes.


Project 1 – Tales of the Aether ShadowJames and the crew of the Aether Shadow must fight to protect there ship and friends connected to the ship.

Project 2 – Creature/Eleanors Beast (Name changing) – The creature that killed Jame’s betrothed and been tracked done. Will he get revenge?

Project’s 3 and 4 – Writing competition entry’s.

Project 5 – Dragon hunt – James gets caught in a fight between two of Albion’s dragons hiding in our world.

Project 6 – Kitsune, A return of a friend from James and Shelly’s childhood returns seeking help.

See you in port soon, Airship Pilots.

A new Blog and a new start to the year.

A new Blog and a new start to the year.

I have started something I swore I would never do when I left school….. Write!

I hated school, I failed english (native language), had trouble trying to learn spelling and grammar (nothing changed there!) however, I find my self writing.

I’m currently working on “The Diary’s of Captain James Purcell“, this will be a long project consisting of story’s of varying lengths.

Its set in an alternative “SteampunkVictorian era but also has mythical creatures and magic. I just hope I combine it all sucsessfully.

So far, excluding artwork, I have finished  my first story, have two more ready for a writing competition and have a few wips on the go.

I still need to finish editing then send them away to the competition but I’m living in hope.

Well that’s it for the first post.


See you in port soon, Airship Pilots.