1870’s Arrest, Trial and execution.

1870’s Arrest, Trial and execution.

So this is proving more difficult then I expected, while there is lots of information on people being executed by hanging for various crimes, trying to find transcripts of the events from arrest to hanging is proving difficult. While there are transcripts that do exist from this time, there is very little available online to read.

I have paid a visit to my local library to raid there offerings and have a few books to hand but it will still take time. Transcripts from the time do exist but most are kept hidden away in archives. I am starting to question why I am doing all this research and it falls down to one thing, I want part of my book to feel realistic even if it is Victorian fantasy!

Delving into history can be interesting at times and you can discover some interesting things about places that you may have been without giving a thought to. One of these places is an old stone building behind wooden hoarding near the engine shed in Bristol. This structure s the last remaining building of Bristol’s new Gaol which was closed in the 1870’s. This last building was (according to research) the site of the last public hanging in Bristol but it just sits there now falling apart.

I hate to see places like this going to waste and wish I could win the Lottery just to rebuild them, even if they have a grisly past.

Currently my book sits at 58,460 words and growing all the time. I am only 48 pages in on the first edit and still adding in paragraphs that I have been told that I need. Once I finish this pass, will see if I can find some to cast there eyes over it and point out anything that they think is wrong on missing.

Well that is enough thinking for now,

See you in port next time Airship Pilots!

NaNoWriMo Begins.

So, its the First day of NaNoWriMo, the 1st of November 2013 and I have started my NaNoNoval.

What is it called?
Un imaginatively, it is called the Diaries of James Purcell Volume 1 and is the start of what will become the story of how an Irish boy with an interest on mythical creatures becomes the captain of an airship, one of the few specialists of Mythobiology and hero, a wanted man and then one of the most feared men for over 100 years.

This was going to be a prequel but as I said, It has been pushed to the front of the line. 

Currently my word count is a low 700 words so I better get cracking. 

Happy NaNoWriMo everyone especially those of the UK Bath, Bristol and Somerset regions!