NaNoWriMo Word count = 31,486

NaNoWriMo Word count = 31,486

Well I am now pass the 30K mark and have 18,514 left to go till I pass NaNoWriMo 2013.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that all my planning has now run out and I will have to Pants it to the 50,000 mark!.

“Pants it” means to run by the seat of you pant with no planning and see where the words take you.

I did that for Kitsune and did not enjoy the lack of planning. I am going to hit that 50K but the worst news is that I actually have to pass 60K.

With 13 days to go, I will need to give this a big push! but for now, I am just going to nip outside and do some model making. I finished my wonky MKI Colt revolver and even with all its faults I am happy to have built one! I have loads of models in my shed waiting to be made including an Elven steampunk army from War Machine and an Elven navel fleet.

See you in port soon, Airship captains and scribes!

Back on course NaNoWord count = 15,075/15,000.

Back on course NaNoWord count = 15,075/15,000.

Well, I lost my day ahead and no back to running just on target. I feel a little disappointed with myself for slipping this much and I hope to make up some word counts tomorrow.

My Steampunk revolver? Well, I got the 40mm rod for the center section but screwed up the drilling. I need to find a pillar drill or a lathe to get these bits made. and to be honest I am actually getting depressed from all these errors. I have had to alter one or two sections of it but without the rotating chamber, I cant proceed. I keep asking myself how did they make these things with such accuracy. I guess that with modern tech, we have become laze and loss our accuracy.

Steampunk Colt Navy 1851 Part II

Steampunk Colt Navy 1851 Part II

Steampunk Colt Navy 1851

I haven’t really done much (Who am I kidding.)

Finished cutting out the body, Snapped the barrel where the wedge now lives. Receiver has been shaped (not true to form) Handle glued to receiver.

Need to wait for a bit to order the 40mm rod for the revolving bit and mill out some rounds.

All ready planning a MKII due to so many errors on this one (handle is not square to body) but as this one will be steamed up, I can hide a few of the errors.