First Major Print issue

Having had used up the first ten printed copies and still having orders, I ordered up 20 copies.

This is what turned up in the post.


One the left is how the cover should look but 13 out of the 20 came out pink!

Dunno what will happen with the pink copies, I will have to wait of Creatspace to decide.

Oh the Joys of dealing with the I.R.S (USA) Part 2 (now on to the UK)

Well, trying to get an I.T.I.N proves to be the most stressful, painful thing in the world but, E.I.N is the most easy thing in the world.

As a lot of sites state, if you phone up Philly direct and get a good operative then in 10 mins you will have a shiny new EIN and can be selling online to USA