CampNaNoWriMo Update ?

My OSX/IOS workspace

My OSX/IOS workspace


CampNaNoWriMo Update?

I thought I should write a post about how far along I am in the beta version of the book.

Using the Nanocounter my official word count (actual document word count) is sitting around 32,660 however, in the process of writing and the little distractions, I have written another 6K words on top of that! My original target word count for the first part of book one came in at 29K and 15 chapters (not to far short) and while there are still loads to do on it, I hope that the finial pre-publish will pass 30K.

Part 2-Second life MKII is only up to 3.5K, but I hope to get up to the 6K mark by drink o’clock (1759 According to Arthur Guinness)

I am at the point in the manuscript that I have an idea of where it’s going, but no notes on what to write.

I say this far too many times, but I am still amazed that a 2.2k word Halloween short has blown into a book series as more and more readers ask me questions.

I have a private hidden group on facebook where a few have had the chance to preview the first 14 chapters, but until the first part get epublished it will remain secret.

Random thoughts from the troubled mind of James Purcell.

Random thoughts from the troubled mind of James Purcell.

Even in the warm air that had been trapped by the thick canopy above me, I felt cold. Ever since I had woken up on that ship of strangers, I have yet to know what being warm felt like. Curled up in the hollow between the tree roots wrapped in a blanket and travel cloak I feel cold. I should light a fire, but I don’t want to be seen. All I want is to be alone and get some sleep. How long has it been since I could calm down and let sleep overtake me? I don’t remember, the ever-growing need for revenge pushes me on.

I pulled the hood of my linen robe up over my head followed by the hood of my travel cloak, Pulled my knees into my chest and laid my chin on them, closing my eyes. Even though the forest was full of animals, there was one noise out of place. Someone was trying to creep up on me, someone who made a living being quite. To be honest I was feed up of everything, I didn’t care if he was here to kill me. I just wanted to be alone. The blood coated sword leaned against the tree next to me and I made no move to grab it, I just sat there and waited.

There was a smell in the air, the smallest hint of a scent, a scent I knew. If I had been human, I never would have recognised it, but I was more and the smell was too familiar. The iron tang of blood filled my sense’s and my inner wolf cried out, but I held it back with much effort. The owner of the blood I knew and I knew why he was bleeding.

“Would you mind if I share you clearing?” came the voice of a man I knew.

“Not my country.” I growled back.

The man laid his pack and weapons down against a tree and started making a fire. “You look cold.” He said looking at me, he struck a spark and the pile of twigs and dry leaves caught on fire. Slowly he built up the fire and before long the clearing was bathed in the orange glow cast by the flames.