Still Not got your Free U2 Album from iTunes?

If your not aware, If you have an iTunes account and like U2, Last night to celebrate the announcement of the iPhone 6, U2 released a free Album. When you go to iTunes, it says that it has been purchased.

There is a step missing from the instructions, to get the album follow these steps (if the clouds are nots visible in iTunes)

1, Open iTunes,
2, Open the Preferances,
3, Goto store,
4, In the bottom of the panel fleck the check box next to “Show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases”,
5, Click ok,
6, Click Music,
7, Scroll around till you find “Songs of Innocence-U2”
8, Click on the track to download (2finger on MAC, right click in Windows)
9, Play to your hearts content.

For iPhone goto iTunes Preferances and make sure the “auto download Music” slider is green.