To dream the dream you write.

To dream the dream you write.

Often when I read other peoples books I find that an interesting part will reflect in my dreams however, while writing my own books, I am yet to have a single dream of the life of my character.

Does this mean that my work is boring is it because as I write, my mind see no point in having the dreams. 

For one I would love to be the dream instead of the dreamer.

Well as you can tell, I am struggling with my series. I have had to go way back to the start of the Captains story, way before he was a captain, all the way back to the start to when he was about to get married and the whole events that lead up to him becoming a captain. I had intended this to be a prequel if need demanded it however, there was a request from alpha readers for this to be included so that other readers would understand the linking events mentioned in the two current books.