Love and War (a scifi fan fic started years ago)

Love and War.

Since her coming of age, Tela had been having the same dream that cause her to wake in the night dripping in sweat and feeling scared but never knowing why. When ever she had asked anyone about the dream, no-one else had ever experienced anything like this dream and no-one had been able to shed any light on the meaning of of it. Each time she woke from the dream, she would be left with different fragments that would fade out of her memory unless she wrote them down.
Tonight was no exception, and she had awoken in the middle of the night cycle. She got up and went over to sink in her dressing table and splashed some water on her face.

These dreams always leave her with a bad case of insomnia that prevented her getting back to sleep and as always she would end up going for a walk in the crystal gardens.
Tela went over to her wardrobe and got changed into her blue robe before heading out of her dwelling. Despite being the middle of the night cycle there were a few people sat around and in one of the side area’s she noticed a young warlock sat in quite meditation, she carried on walking and eventually found a area that was empty.

She sat down on the bone like bench looking up at the dome above her, the ornately decorated dome was also made of the same bone like material of the bench which had been freshly grown out of the building seed that had been planted a few cycles before in commemoration of a Seer that has just passed away. Even though a few had watched Tela walking through the garden unbeknown to her one had followed he into the garden and was watching her hidden from every ones eyes.

Tela reached down into the pocket of her robe and pulled out the little green note book that always sat in the pocket. The cover was decorated in an ornately carved silver tree like carving and acted as both protection for the little book and also as a hinge and clasp to keep it closed.Opening up to the last clear page marked with a ribbon, she pulled a pen from her pocket and began jotting down the date and time and tonights fragment of the dream. She noticed that this was the 3rd time this week that she had had this dream, and that all fragments were new and that there were now more pieces to this puzzle then there had been before.
“Why do the dreams always seem to happen more often before a battle” Tela though to herself.
She closed her eyes listing to the sounds around her and before she knew what had happened it’s was the beginning of the day cycle and time for he to go home and change before heading of to the temple of the swooping hawks.