Patreon – What do you say?

I have been looking more and more into setting up a Patreon account for my Steampunk/Victorian Fantasy series The Diaries of James Purcell.

When I think of rewards levels I feel confused. I have settled on one of two reward levels based on a monthly donation system, but now need you thoughts.

£3.00 pcm – Name listed in both digital and print as a Patron as well as access to the Patreon blog and Members area of the new site (when I get the UI sorted out)

£5.00 pcm – The above +free digital copy when available.

£10.00 pcm – The above+ free paper copy.

£15.00 pcm – All of the others except that the paperback will be signed and come with a special free gift.

Originally I was going to lower the levels but as with all things, the parts for the free gift are not available anymore and have to pick more expensive versions.

So having never done this before, what do you say?
Please drop me a message and let me know what your view is?
The only time I will not allowed a message is if it’s trolling or spam so please feel free to have your say.

As ever,

See you in port next time Airship Captains.



Enemy Territory.

I jest, but I have finally managed to get the iBooks version of “The End” compiled an uploaded.

So whats the problem?

I fear that the conversion has not gone down properly. I used the same source that was compiled in scrivner for the Kindle version, but I am nervous that the conversion to epub went wrong.

Again, what the problem?

I can’t see what the book looks like until it’s live because there is no preview. I have to trust that the finale version will look like the epub when it goes live!

Now that’s out the way time for a bigger update.

The following contains a big spoilers for those who only read the paperback and iBooks Version

T.D.o.J.P:Book #1.0 : Æther Shadow has finished the 7th draft and is now in the process for editing and Book #2.0: Kitsune still need the first draft rewritten (A 1/3rd has to be cut and moved to a different book leaving it far to short.)
Dragons Rising: Exiles is about halfway through the first draft and has a change of series name,
Sirens: Shelly Lee has begun the note taking stage.

Sirens is set in the same worlds as The Diaries of James Purcell, but is a side series that fills gaps between the main series from the perspectives of the other characters.

That’s all for now, see you in port next time Airship Captains.


After the battle.

This was spawned by a comment about feeling the story that your writing and I got the vision of a warrior freshly returned from a battle.

The cold metal calmed her racing mind as she ran her hand along the freshly cleaned and sharpened blade. Not one spot of blood stained the swords mirror like surface and not a single nick marred its smooth razor thin cutting edge. Running her bare hand along its surface again to check for any slight imperfections, she placed the long heavy antique sword down slowly and reverently onto the smooth blue silk cloth that had been draped over the cold marble plinth, knelt down on the cold stone floor of the family’s mausoleum and gave thanks to her father’s spirit for allowing her to take his place in the latest of the king’s battles. One her prayers and been offered to her fallen family and to her gods for helping to keep her alive, she stood up, opened her eyes and took in a deep breath of the chilled air and left for her chambers to remove the blood stained armour that she still wore.

The idea is that the Knight ( I chose a woman to do away with the stereo typical male model) had just come home from a fight beside her king haven taken the place of her father using an old family sword used but many generations. Duty and honour is more important to her then her own health and I wanted to show that the sword had priority over everything in her life.

Will that have a place in my books, maybe. If I can finish the first trilogy in my Steampunk/Victorian fantasy, I have a pure fantasy novel series I want to start on.

The Deadline is looming.

I do not know what to expect, as I have said before, this is a novel that was never supposed to exist but it does and even though it has some issues (to be sorted on the next re-write/compilation) it is almost ready to go.

To cover this “Broken” issue I have added this.


Dear readers, while the first part of this book is complete, I am afraid the the second half has the feeling of being incomplete and missing chapters. I have to confess that you have notice a problem that I have had to face while writing this. After over a hundred years, there are still chapters of my life that are still sealed under the Two Worlds Alliance Secrets act. While I am working hard to try to get them made public, I am afraid that they are unavailable and the copy of the manuscript that has these chapters included has been redacted to the version that I now present to you. If you would like to see these lost chapters made public, please support my petition to get them released.

When I can work out how to make the petition I will upload and link to it.

The end is near!

The end is near!

Well excluding the grammar, spelling, plot holes, punctuation and other writing bugs, I have officially finished the first draft of Part one of Book one of the Diaries of James Purcell. This Part completes the first chapter of his life and has its own title The End.

Part 2 is called Second Life and has taken and unexpected plot twist to when I had first penned it and has taken James into a dark place. He now will need to rebuild his life and start again before he can be the man that I need him to be in the next two books.

Over use of Situated and situation!

Over use of Situated and situation!

I do not know if it is just me, but of late I have seen too much use of the words situated and situation.
I find these words bland and boring, lacking any taste and feeling and far to military, but they are used far too often and in the wrong taste.

I have been reading alot of fantasy and Steampunk of late and I find that these words just do not find in with the feel of these books. No matter if its a person an item or a place, these words are used.

For people writers should be using something like.

She nestled down between her friends for warmth.

For item’s, something like

The Building had be constructed in the middle of two joining streets.

For places

The city grew to span the valley between the hills that marked the separation of the counties.

The above have far more feeling to them and fit in more with such historical/fantastical scenes.

Disclamor : This is not the only word that has been over used but it is the one that causes me to trip over a story line more then grammar and spelling faults!

This sounds like a rant and it truth it is but I need to say it and get it off my chest. Please fellow authors, stop over using such bland words and please be more creative.

Time for me to sign off now as I still have planning work for NaNoWriMo to go.

Eleanors Death

Eleanors Death

Act 1, Scene 2 from book 1 – The Diaries of James Purcell, Copyright Adam Bryant 2012

Like giddy children we came out of the theatre after enjoying a wonderful show. A few days ago I had finally built up the courage to ask Professor Isaac Theologen, my mentor and father of the girl, for permission to marry. He had said nothing for nearly a quarter of an hour as he sat at his studies desk giving me a stern look. Eventually the corner of his mouth raised in a smile. “I wondered when you would ask me.” He had said before giving me his permission.

As an engagement present, he had arranged for theatre tickets and dinner in a restaurant afterwords. His work with the university had prevented him from seeing the show himself and so we would be meeting him for the meal.

So wrapped up were we with our enjoyment of the show, that we did not see a huge person waiting near the entrance of the alley we were about to pass. It wasn’t until Eleanor was grabbed and dragged backwards into the dark. I looked up and down the road looking for a police officer but was interrupted by a deep voice.

“Get in here without raising any noise.” The man holding Eleanor ordered. I cast a last look around and stepped into the gloom after them.

“What do you want from us?” I asked, my voice shaking with fear.

“You?” He said with a chuckle. “Nothing. You are going to stand there and watch me kill you beautiful fiancee.”

“Why?” I asked.

The man steeped closer. Light from a passing car entered the ally reflecting off it’s eyes and I froze, this was no man that stood in front of me. In my studies I had come across descriptions of its kind and only one word escaped my lips, causing him to smile. “Lycanthrope.”

“Ahh, I see you recognise my kind then.” He said with a malicious smile.

“Why are you doing this?”I asked.

He smiled at me then licked the side of Eleanor’s face, causing her to faint. “This girl of your’s smells good enough to eat. I am feeling hungry so I may just start on her.” He said baring his teeth and drooling on her shoulder.

“But why us?” I asked, trying to look for something to use as a weapon.

His smile faded and his eye’s narrowed on me, He stood there silently watching me. My fingers grasped at something cold and round and I hoped this would do. I lifted up the object and watched as he smiled.

“So you actually want to fight me.” The werewolf taunted.

I watched as it lifted Eleanor by the neck, and run a sharp claw down her face cutting her skin just enough to make a pearlescent, crimson line of blood appear.

“Let her go.” I said in a shaky voice, while brandishing the piece of metal bar like a sword fighter I had seen in a book.

“You think you can stop me with that?” The werewolf said, amusement all over its face.

I tightened my grip on my weapon and edged forward.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” He asked lifting Eleanor up by her head.

“Put her down.” I repeated.

He grinned at me and ripped open her dress around the shoulder area. I watched in horror as he slowly licked her skin causing her to wake up. Her eyes were filled with horror, I did not know what to do, I pushed y fear about what would happen to my self and ran at the lycanthrope and swung the pole. His arm swung out and hit me in the chest knocking the air out of me, and sending me flying across the alley to smash into a wall, There was a sicking crunch and and pain in my chest that caused me to double over, my eye sight blurred and tears welled up and I fought to get a breath back into my lungs. I could hear him laughing and the cry’s of Eleanor’s muffled screams. I reached out and hand and managed to pull myself to my feet, feeling pain in other parts of my body, time seamed to slow down as he lifted her higher, opened his jaws and bit down on her shoulder. I felt frozen, my legs wouldn’t respond, all I could do was stand there and watch and his teeth sunk deeper into her flesh causing more of her pearlescent crimson blood to spill down her chest.

Eleanor’s screams were reduced to a whimper before finally dying out, he one blue dress now, ran scarlet with her blood and all colour disappeared from her face as her skin paled. Still I stood there frozen to the spot, unable to stop the atrocity happening in front of me and with a sicking soggy ripping sound, the werewolf ripped a chunk out of her flesh.

“Ahh, such a superb taste, quite exquisite specimen.” It said letting her fall to the floor and into the puddle of her own blood that had pooled below her.

“What are you going to do now?” I asked, finally able to speak.

“Nothing. I have now done what I came to do, so I will now bid you farewell.”

With a bow, he turned and left me alone with the body of my fiancée.