From Fiction to Interactive Fiction.

For longer then I have been writing I have always wanted to write an Interactive Fiction game (think Zork), but never having the idea or the skill to make one I have never given it much thought until last year when I discovered Inform7.  While I made a start in Inform7 I found it to be difficult. I recently discovered Twine after someone else started using it and found it much easer to get along with.


This image is a sample from Twines layout panel showing how rooms (areas) connect (content blurred to stop spoilers). The coding is so much simple as it is far more “plain text” then Inform7 and includes HTML. The other great thing is that it outputs to a ready to use webpage.

The first version of the Interactive fiction has worked fine on several devices that took time to test, the one notable exception is that the experimental browser on the kindle touch  is not able to load the page.

Now the alpha has finished I can concentrate on rewriting the manuscript to convert it into a more game like structure.

Well lets see how it looks next week.

See you in port next time Airship Captains.