The Beginning of the Æther Shadow

Just a quick post to post up the beginning of The Diaries of James Purcell Book #02 Æther Shadow.

Book #02 does not continue directly from Book#01 The End as several years and bad events that have been glossed over have passed between the two. One of these (Dragon Hunt which is part of the kindle only version) has been rewritten and will be published as Dragon World Book#00 Exiles.

The Diaries Of James Purcell
Book#02 Æther Shadow
Copyright 2012 James Purcell, All rights reserved.

The multicoloured lightning storm raged around the castle and mirrored the passengers anger as he stepped out of the carriage. There was no rain coming from the clouds as the storm was the result of wild magic that was slowly destroying the world of Albion. Highlord Norlan Bracegirdle stormed across the courtyard into the entrance of his castle causing guards, soldiers and servants to scatter out of his way. He had just returned from Camelot after having been summoned to account for the loss of two prototype ships that had cost the equivalent of seven ironclad battleships and now the partners who had invested were calling in their loans. He stormed up his tower and entered his chambers dropping his cloak on the floor. How dare they treat him like this, he knew too well how much was at stake, but if it wasn’t for his designs then the ships would not have existed in the first place. He walked over to the large table that was covered in diagrams and glowing glass spheres. In the middle of the table laid the plans for the two ships he had now lost. His hand reached out and picked up the glass sphere that was wrapped in satin and looked at the pulsing glow inside. The sphere hadn’t existed when the first ship had been converted and stranded in the other world, but they had come out of the development of the second ship and now the second ship had been missing for three years. He needed to get the first back and install the new devices that would allow it to cross back across the Vail and arrive back in Albion
Queen Victoria Pendragon had been there and was most defiantly not amused over the constant delays in the planned invasion of the other world. “Why had she been there?” he thought to himself, these things were normally below her, “I sometimes wish that stupid fool Guy Fawkes had succeeded in blowing up parliament. The Highlords would still be in control of this country and not answering to a bunch of old bureaucrats who spent all their time arguing over petty things and never getting anything done!”
“Sir?” Norlan’s guard and assistant asked.
“Where is she is she back yet?” Norlan roared.
“Where is who sir?
“You damn well know who I mean!”
“Oh Lady Alison DuBlade.
“Yes her!” Norlan shouted back.
“She just got back a few moments before we did sir, according to the stable master.”
“Summon her at once.”
The guard walked over to the door, opened it and shouted down the tower. A few minutes later, the crystal on Norlan’s desk glowed and a ghostly female voice emanated from it.
“My Lord, you summoned me?”
“Tell me you have good news, Alison.”
“My lord?” The voice had an ethereal flow to it which was a side-effect of the crystals. “The mission was a success.”
“Have you killed the target?”
“Yes, my lord.”
“And were the traitors as the information suggested?”
“Yes sir, but … “
“He wasn’t working on his own, he was working for one of the other lords.”
“Did you find out who?”
“No sir, he took that knowledge to the grave with him.”
“Very well, I have another mission for you. You have twenty four hours to recover, then I want you in my office.”
“Yes sir.” her voice responded before the crystal stopped glowing.
“Fools, this country is run by nothing but fools!” Norlan muttered to himself as he started pacing around his study stopping to look at the piles of correspondence that had gathered on his desk.

And as aways, if you haven’t picked up Book #01 The End it is still available on amazon including a few exclusive extra’s

Please enjoy and I will see you in port next time my fellow Airship Captains.



Book #02 Editing and Formatting.


I can not say if the writing stage of Book #02 Æther Shadow is now finished, but I have now moved on to the Editing and Formatting stage of the book. It may not be all tied up and clean, but until I pass this stage I can not hand it out to the beta readers to check.

The above image shows the layout I am using in scrivner to organise my book and shows how much I have been slacking over it. I have finished the bulk work on the first interactive fiction game and that also need to be cleaned up, but so far the feedback has been positive (still cannot get it to work on non fire kindle devices)

Dragon Hunt has stalled due to being lazy and I am yet to build a website.

I still have a lot of work to get everything ready by All Hallows Eve (release date) and I have my fingers crossed that it will all be ready.

So goodbye for now and see you in port next time Airship captains.


Enemy Territory.

I jest, but I have finally managed to get the iBooks version of “The End” compiled an uploaded.

So whats the problem?

I fear that the conversion has not gone down properly. I used the same source that was compiled in scrivner for the Kindle version, but I am nervous that the conversion to epub went wrong.

Again, what the problem?

I can’t see what the book looks like until it’s live because there is no preview. I have to trust that the finale version will look like the epub when it goes live!

Now that’s out the way time for a bigger update.

The following contains a big spoilers for those who only read the paperback and iBooks Version

T.D.o.J.P:Book #1.0 : Æther Shadow has finished the 7th draft and is now in the process for editing and Book #2.0: Kitsune still need the first draft rewritten (A 1/3rd has to be cut and moved to a different book leaving it far to short.)
Dragons Rising: Exiles is about halfway through the first draft and has a change of series name,
Sirens: Shelly Lee has begun the note taking stage.

Sirens is set in the same worlds as The Diaries of James Purcell, but is a side series that fills gaps between the main series from the perspectives of the other characters.

That’s all for now, see you in port next time Airship Captains.


Book 1.0 Æther Shadow rev 7

I have just finished the seventh revision of book 1 Æther Shadow and bar the spelling and grammar check and edit this revision will be sent out to the reviewers and bug checks.

So glad that it’s nearly finished as in all honesty, I’m sick of the site of it.
Not because its bad its because I hate to read the same book twice.

I’m eager to move on to the next book, but at this stage there is two that are demanding to be written at the same time.

Oh the Joys of dealing with the I.R.S (USA)

My books imminent release is approaching, the writing is done, the draft is on amazon and just the artwork to go.

The Next big issue is selling the book in the US. I have seen lots of post about E.I.N and I.T.I.N numbers but most of them are set before the change that just happened. You can’t apply for an EIN without an ITIN and if your in the UK your practically screwed as then only place to get one is the US embassy in London, and they only work part time!

I have two choices here that are both expensive: 1, Take time off work and phone during there open times or 2, not sell to the US!
Neither are good especially and I have readers in the US.

Stay tuned readers, the fight is ongoing.


OU Course Stage 6.10

I wonder if this fits the bill for part 6.10



At sixty nine Michael was starting to feel his age creeping up on him. With all the trouble he and James had suffered through with the ship, he needed to have a break and get away. It had taken quite a bit of deception on the part of the various lawyers, but in the event that anything happened to him, his daughter and his business would be safe and secure. He had hoped that James and his daughter would become engaged and married, but with his own problems and that of the ship, no one had found the time to settle. Michael missed the old days of working the yard instead of paperwork as he would have remained in shape and not started to grow round. Michael looked as the small painting of his wife, his daughter Molly, then ten, and him and a tear welled up in his eye. He traced the picture with a finger, and spoke softly to the portrait, “I wish you were still here to help me push them together Cathleen perhaps they would have been married by now.” Michael had thrown himself into his work in order to provide for Molly and was damned sure that she would have a good life when he rejoined his wife at the village church.


Out in that quagmire that had settle into his yard, his men were working hard, there were some days when he could lift crates with the rest of the men, but lately he his noticed that some of his strength and wained. He stood up and walked over to one of the filing cabinets and opened up a door marked with a “W”, apart form the bottle of brown liquid that rolled around inside, the draw was empty. He pulled out the bottle and took a drink, “It’s purely to medicinal to help my back!” he said looking at the portrait on his desk. He replaced the bottle then sat back down to continue working. His hand bumped into something cold and long under a piece of paper and lifted the sheet to reveal the fully loaded Colt revolver he had relieved from the stock that the ship held. Michael hadn’t owned this gun for long as he was loathed to be in possession of them but with the trouble brewing with the ships previous owner, he wasn’t going to take any chances.


Michael took a deep breath to calm the sadness in his heart and looked up from the mountain of that littered his desk and shelves. The cabinets that should contain all the important records were all empty as he had made sure that all the important records and ledgers had been removed to the safe keeping of the airship where he knew they would be safe if anything would happen to him. The business and his daughter would be safe in the boys care and he was sure that he would be the perfect business partner for his daughter that he expected him to be. Events were moving faster then anyone could expect and Michael had made sure that the business would survive without him. There had been several acts of deception to secure everything with both his accountant and the associated lawyers when he had persuaded the boy to join in and become part owner of the airship. Despite the current piles of orders and request that currently littered up the place, none were more then a few days old. All this work was due to the hard work of the boy and the workers that were drawn to him. With all the poor lad had been through in the last twenty years, he had come back to work and gradually improved Michaels business. Outside his window, somewhere in all the fog lay his boatyard and the airship that was responsible for so much of the trade requests. As he turned back to the work in front of him, there was a Scuffle outside followed by a knock on his office door.


“Come!” Michael called out and watched as an army officer followed by two lower ranking soldiers entered his office.


“What is the meaning of this?” He demanded reaching for the revolver that was hidden under one of the piles.


An officer stepped towards Michael’s desk withdrawing a letter from inside his jacket. “My lord and commander wishes for your attendance in the most urgent of meetings.”


“What will you do if I refuse?”


“Your refusal is not optional. I have been sent to bring you, the captain and the airship to him by force if necessary.”


Keeping one hand on the primed revolver, he reached out, took the letter, noting the wax seal on the front, opened it and started reading.


Dear Messers McClay and Purcell,

You are cordially invited to this most important of business meetings. You attendance is not optional as I have taken this chance to send my chosen soldiers to guide you both to me. I hope you accept and arrive with minimal injuries.



Michael glanced up as the soldier then down at the portrait on the desk, “Looks like we may be together sooner then I thought, my love.” he said and in a blink of an eye, pulled back the hammer on the gun and raised it, sending paper’s scattering everywhere. When the papers settled, he found the men in front of him had also raised there weapons to point at at him. “I refuse his summons just like I have refused all of his insulting offers.”


“Sir, I would prefer to escort you without injury however, my men are more then capable of shooting you in a way that will not kill you if you so wish to refuse.”


There was a crack of gunfire outside in the yard and Michael instinctively turned towards the window. There was a subtle hiss of well oiled metal rubbing and he felt a cold steel blade against his throat. He gently reset the hammer and slowly lowered the pistol to his desk.


“That is the correct decision Mr. McClay.”


“I really do have no choice in this matter do I?”


“No sir.”


“What about my daughter?”


“I have no orders concerning her, if she is not here then she is safe.”


“Can you pass me my coat?” Michael asked. One of the guards lowered his rifle then after searching it, handed it over.


After saying goodbye to the portrait on the desk, Michael stepped out of the office between his guards and was confronted with the sound of a battle field, all around him the crack of gun fire filled the air and the smoke of burnt gunpowder assaulted his nose. After all these years, he should be able to walk across his yard with his eyes closed but even with the office door behind him, but the fog scrambled any sense of direction he had. There was a shout from behind him and a large shape materialised out of the mist carrying something long.


“Michael duck” the voice shouted and a second later the object flew through the air, Michael dropped to the floor avoiding the weapon but the two soldiers on each side of his were not as quick. The fog parted as the object hissed through the air and with a sickening crack, it impacted the necks of his guards and sent them flying out of sight. The last soldier and officer were more fortunate and were able to miss becoming victims and as the man holding the long object was brought up for another swing, they raised there weapons and fire. For a long moment, his would be rescuer looked at them with confusion about what had happened but as the two blood roses marking the bullet holes in his chest bloomed, the object fell from his grip and he collapsed to the floor. Michael reached out to the worker and tried to close the eyes that looked up to the sky. As he leaned forward his other arm snaked out into the workers pocket and pulled out the folding knife that was always hidden there. As he withdrew the weapon, sliding it into his sleeve, he hoped his captors hand’s seen it.


“Stand up Michael.” The officer said pointing his sword towards Michael and with a sigh, he stood up, straightened out his jacket and followed the way towards his gate guided by his captors. As he walked under the wooden arch that had stood over the door for over thirty year’s, he wondered how long it would remain up there without him. The soldiers stopped and Michael turned his eyes to look at a black carriage drawn by two large black horses. The soldiers guided him in then climbed in behind him and rode away.


From the Short Michael McClay (coming as soon as I Finnish Mythology, Aethershadow and Kitsune ) Copyright Adam Bryant/James Purcell 2014

Book 1: The End Synopsis.

The Diaries of James Purcell

Book1 : The End

He was due to be one of the great professors, James Purcell is a specialist in the subject of Mythobiology. Prodigy of the eminent professor Isaac Theologian and due to be married to the professors daughter Eleanor Theologian, life was looking great. On the night that they were to celebrate the engagement, the young couple are attacked by a monster and Eleanor is killed. With no other witnesses, the police suspicions fall towards him. Disowned by the professor who believes him responsible for the death of his daughter, James Purcell returns home to rejoin a life he had left behind. Unable to explain what really happened that night, James must live with the knowledge that unless a miracle can happen he will have to face a one way trip that no one has ever returned from. In the shadows, other forces stir eager to restore a past believed to be nothing more then horror stories. Is James’ life his own to live or is he nothing more then a pawn of a darker power.