A big Achievement ( I may have had ADD and Dyslexia!)

When I was in school I didn’t enjoy it, everything bored me and my grades were low to nothing.

He has the ability to do great things if he put his mind on it and concentrated more

This was the story of my life, and I left school with noting even remotely close to useable grades and swore that I would never write anything.

Years passed and in a bout of boredom I went back to college and retook my english exam’s and ended up with grade “C”.

On top of that I also sat a Japanese online course (wasn’t a JNPL so didn’t really count) and passed it with 97% pass grade!

What is the point of all this?

My writing is still terrible and I still struggle to remember spellings but the biggest thing is that I often loose attention to a project (ouu squirrel!) and having published a novel is a master achievement (have 2 more waiting for a rewrite) the point is that I have always had a great imagination and writing has given me a chance to let it out and have something to focus on!

If you also are affected the same as me, try writing, I don’t actually write a book from start to finish, but instead write in a haphazard fashion only compiling it into something resembling a story near the end.

don’t give up, just keep trying until you find that thing that keeps you drawn.

Edit: A fellow bloggers experience.
A son who was told not to bother trying, but to leave before the exams. Now has his own business and has shown he may have dyslexia but he isn’t dyslexic. It no more defines him than the spot on my backside makes me spotty. Excuse the analogy. Great for doing what my son has done. Finding your way around despite the blindfold. Loads of luck with your book