2013 – A Year in review.

I started this year with 30,000 words written for a book and a deadline for a writing story competition and finished it by:

  • Finishing the first draft of that book up to 50K Words
  • Writing a second during NaNoCamp @ 40K Words
  • Wrote a third for NaNoWriMo and having it up to 53K Words
  • Book four = 15K Words 
  • Two side books contain notes and basic planning.
  • Two shorts entered into the short story competition and unsuccessful,
  • Three more shorts written,
  • One short for the 2014 written but may pull out this year.
  • And one more for a Forum communal writing project that doesn’t seam to be getting worked on.

On top of that what else?

I went to London to celebrate the Chinese new year.

Been to Scotland to visit Edinburgh Castle.

Became an uncle.

Learned how to sail a van and drive on an ice slope!

But one thing I didn’t do was to go on a Holiday. It’s quite amazing how stress relieving, getting away for a while is. 

I seeing in the new year feeling rotten but before I go I will say.

All your budding artist and writers make sure you get your hands on a copy of Writers and artist year book 2014 if you intend to get anything published in the new year.

Why can’t I work on my story? NaNoWriMo Blues!

Why can’t I work on my story? NaNoWriMo Blues!

At the moment I am seriously thinking of dropping NaNoWriMo due to work!

It’s not that work is taking up time that should be used with writing, it’s just that, the harder and better I try to do my job, the more errors crop up in my paperwork which leads to arguments, which just leave me angry and unable to concentrate when I get home!

Is some respects, this is good because it drives the anger and hatred of my main character through the later books, but it’s no good for the earlier books.

I’m trying to write the first one which is set before the original first one and will require a few changes to that and the one I wrote for NaNoCamp but with all this stress from work, I can’t concentrate. If I new that I would be earning money off my books, I would quit but I need the first one to be finished and earning enough to pay for the follow up books and I have no capital or manuscript to send.

Apologise if this feels like a rant, that would because it is and I need to de stress (first week back after holiday and I already wish I was my MC and could turn into a werewolf!)

Never mind, one day till NaNoNovember starts.

Good Luck Everyone.