No phone, No internet, No Facebook for three months?

No phone, No internet, No Facebook for three months?

I’m sure most of us have seen the message flowing through the interwebz.

No Cellphone, No Facebook, No Computer access, No Wifi for three months & you get 3Million $

Could you?

To be honest if I owned the house (well cottage) I wanted, in the location I want, and I didn’t need the full time job, then would probably attempt it. 

Why, do you ask?

I think I would attempt it for just one reason and that reason is to learn more about myself.

Why would I and what would I expect to get from the experience?

I think that learning more about myself would be the biggest thing. to find out more about the inner me and where my life is going would be the leading factor, but learning new survival skills would be a big bonus and who knows, would I have a book to publish afterwards. Maybe a draft of a book but then it would take someone three months to type it up to understand it.

In all honesty, living alone in the middle of nowhere (or a forest) is really appealing to me but alas I’m not in the position to try it. This is a bit short and I have lost the track of what I was thinking when I started, but well, it just my thoughts.

What are your thoughts and could you attempt it?