Twenty Thousand Words.

Well, It’s finally happened, I have finally hit twenty-thousand words and seven chapters. It’s a long way from the fifty-thousand mark and I doubt it will ever hit that target.

I still have work to do on chapter 7 and proof read my three short stories but I keep getting drawn back to the Black diary which is the forth book in the series.

*Groan* Must concentrate on the Aether Shadow and Albion books first.

The Black Diary.

As a natural progression of my book the captain will suffer a fait which will almost destroy him.

He will return damaged, his past memories in tatters his self control gone.

The inner darkness will claim him releasing the warewolf that is hidden inside him and he will torcher or kill anyone who gets in his way. It will be a dark time when he will be forced to leave his past behind in order to find a future where he is whole again.