From Fiction to Interactive Fiction (Part 2)


From Fiction to Interactive Fiction (Part 2)

While working through my Interactive Fiction based on my own story I started to think about the flow differences between the two formats.

Normally when you write a story there is a strait line flow from the start to the middle and to the end (with the exception of wondering off to explore other characters stories) however, with Interactive Fiction, there is quite a bit of wondering off the main story allowing readers/players to explore or search for clues before the story can continue. Trying to keep this in mind leaves lots of areas to drop hints and clues for other stories, but can get a bit distracting for someone who prefers the linear writing format normally associated to novel writing.

Opp’s I left this a bit late and my coach is arriving ready for my next outing.

See you in port Next time Airship Captains.

One Thousand words a day for a month.

New month and a new challenge.

I proved I’m able to write one thousand words a day just to finish the first draft of my first book. The copy’s are out getting reviewed (apologies but it will be Pro-proof read when finished.)

So for motivation I’m going to challenge myself to write a minimum of one thousand words per day. It probably wont be on the same book ( my brain isn’t that liner) while finishing the Aether Shadow. It should be achievable, but I will keep a running total.

Currently, this is how my word counts look.


I hope so see lots of those box’s filled by the end of the month.

I may also find time to start posting up images of my pocket watch collection.

Keep your eyes pealed and

See you in port soon airship captains.

30,000 words and target hit three days early.

30,000 words and target hit three days early.

Well, I set a target of hitting the 30,000 word mark by Monday 27th however a work mate challenged me to write one thousand words every night.

Challenge meet ! however the next target is looming. I have a guessamated target off seven thousand word to the end of the first draft. I have 3 days off work and I’m going to try to hit that target!

See you in port next time Airship Captains.

27,414 Words, 10k till end of first draft.

So after all the distractions of making notes on the other books, (over 10K done on book 3 of the captains series) My work mate set me a challenge of two hours per night dedicated to working on the book.

What this means is that I’m actually managing around 1000 ish word per night. If I keep this up I may finish the first draft by mid next week!

I have a 3 Day week end this week (Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday monday for the Uk).

If I pull my finger out, I may get it finished by monday night.

I’m getting excited that I’m about getting close to finishing something I started back in September/October 2012.

See you in port soon, airship captains.

Lady Mechanika.


So, in the search for some interesting “Steampunk” to read I came across Lady Mechanika written by Joe Benitez.

From issue “0” I’m now addicted. To be honest it may not be to everyone’s taste with the Bio mechanical but going beyond that it’s a very good read.

Issue’s 0 to 3 are out via various places and issue four is in the works. If this come’s out as a compiled real book, Joe will find my order waiting .

I’m not going to go much into the story line beyond saying that its about Lady Mechanika as she tries to discover her past and how she got her mechanical parts.


*Small Rant* If you’re going to get your work self publish, get as many people to prof read your work first!

There are far too many books coming out that have far too many grammar and spelling issues (thats after ignoring the deference between EN-GB and EN-US)!

If you want people to give you work high rating and reviews please, please, please proofread!

The Steampunk Holy Trinity.

The Steampunk Holy Trinity.

I’m suffering a bit of brain freeze at the moment and when I do I tend to hit google for random things. One of the things I came across was a post on Steampunk Workshop about books that define the Steampunk genre. Of course that can only reference the trinity of K.W.Jeter, Tim Powers and, James Blaylock. ( 9 Books that defined Steampunk )

The first one was Morlock Night by K.W.Jeter. I dived over to Amazon to look up the kindle version  and read the preview version. In the beginning of the book there is a piece written by tim Power and about a series of books based on Arthurian Legend twisted into Victorian times. I found this interesting because my own books I’m working on are also based on an alternative version of Arthurian Legend.

This is the first time I have found out about these books so it looks like I have some reading to do.

On the subject on my books, I’m about to pull a 2000+ word chapter as it covers background events instead of the main character events. I think I need to work on the partner book of my main book to brake the brain lock.

Well see you next time Airship Pilots.