Bug fixing.

Due to a bug in ether IOS or OSX Pages handling of the font Times New Roman, I have spent over an hour editing my manuscript on a per character bases. As I posted yesterday I had a bug with Speech marks/quotation marks. I have spent all morning replacing every single mark in the document and reset the to 66 & 99 style marks.

This will sort out the bugs for the epub and pdf versions but I will have to export to html or to scrivener to create the mobi/kindle version.

Why didn’t I use scriv to start?
It’s too big, to unwieldy and don’t have an ipad version that will work in sinc.

I need a holiday … Oh wait I am !

OSX Wrong symbols in text.

While have someone point out bugs in the first edit draft of my book I have come across a strange font bug.


In the text above, you will notice that two different set of speech/quote marks are in use. I’m not sure what happening and I want it to stop. I am trying to write a book in the old font style using the 66/99 style marks instead of the ”” marks.
Has anyone out there got enough experience on how to fix this is OSX 10.9.2 and Pages 5.2 (2013/14) version.

Customised Spell checker and Auto-complete in OSX

Customised Spell checker and Auto-complete in OSX

I don’t know if this is at all possible but it is getting to a stage where a need a highly customised by lingual OSX dictionary, Spell checker, auto correct and Thesaurus all in one tool!

My problem is that with words like there, their and they’re I always end up picking the wrong one! I find that I can not get to grips with words that have multiple spellings but sound the same or words that are spelled differently to how I pronounce them 

I.E = The word sure – I have always pronounced it Shure  (Note the “H”) 

It is these kind of words that send me screaming and drive me up the wall.

Another problem I have is with through, thought and throat. again to most these words are miles apart in sound and meaning but again I cant grasp the difference when it comes to writing them down!

What I need is a plug-in that can pick up on these words and pop up a suggestion box with there meanings but works OS wide and not on individual programs. I am not a programmer and have no understanding how the Dictionary/Spell checker/Auto correct services work.

I hope someone out there can understand what I am wanting and point/help me build this.

OSX’s New Distraction for novel writers.

OSX’s New Distraction for novel writers.

For those like me who have been living under a internet blocked cloud for the last week, the most important piece of OSX history has happened. OSX 10.9 Mavericks is now out in the wild. Weighing in a 5.95 Gig’s, this is going to kill alot of peoples rather crappy internet connections this week end. I am not home till friday night so will have to wait till Saturday but it means that after everything gets back up, my laptop will spend the whole weekend strapped to the modem downloading this new update!


Good luck everyone lets all celebrate!

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

While spell checking and proofreading my book in Pages 09 on Mac OSX I came across some oddities that make it difficult for the EN-UK users.

The spell checker and grammar rules rely on EN-US. Some of the rules are that colour is not recognised but the american color is recognised. SS is replaced as ZZ and the proofreader has a distaste of gender specific words. Some of this could be down to anti-discrimination rules and laws, but when you trying to write a historical based piece of work is gets down right annoying.

Call this a rant or a moan but I just thought this may be worth pointing out.