Learning Scrivener

After writing reaching a target of 40,000 words for the NaNoWriMo Camp. I received a 50% Discount on Scrivener by https://www.literatureandlatte.com

I see a lot of positive comments about this program so I thought I would give it a try. 
On first opening, I am a little baffled on how to use it. There is so much information that can be filled in about one books and so many notes that can be made without it being added to the book it self. I have been happy using Pages 09 so far but Scrivener makes Pages look like a notepad app.

I am slowly working my way through various functions of the program and I will keep going.

Anyway the first drafts are being proof read atm so I can start working on the next books. I have started making notes book one will involve a airship battle and the other,
Well it will be a dark book indeed.


See you in port next time Airship captains.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

Max OSX (Pages 09) and proofreading.

While spell checking and proofreading my book in Pages 09 on Mac OSX I came across some oddities that make it difficult for the EN-UK users.

The spell checker and grammar rules rely on EN-US. Some of the rules are that colour is not recognised but the american color is recognised. SS is replaced as ZZ and the proofreader has a distaste of gender specific words. Some of this could be down to anti-discrimination rules and laws, but when you trying to write a historical based piece of work is gets down right annoying.

Call this a rant or a moan but I just thought this may be worth pointing out.