Integrated Editing.

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

Editing on Macbookpro and Ipad mini

There is just something about reading in book format that makes it easer to edit however all I had was an Android tablet and Kindle K3 keyboard that are unable to edit pages files (or scrivner!) so this weekend I picked up a cheap iPad Mini to use as a reader/editor. This makes it so much easer to read and edit my book in a more natural ebook format style.

Being able to edit on both OSX and IOS (via the iCloud) should make things so much easer.


Anyone else do this when working on there books?

Proof reading and copy editing.

Proof reading and copy editing.

So with two first drafts done and a third on the go, thoughts turns to proof reading. There are alot of choices out there and all the prices seam to be around the £250+ mark for a 50K book (neither of mine reach that yet hence why there only first drafts!)

My problem is that I am terrible with spelling and grammar and need alot of help. Looking through the available services, it would seam that I need both a proof reader and copy editor costing nearly 250+550 (1.1p per word!).

It’s no wonder that there is so much unchecked poorly written crap on the market when writing cost this much just to get started. I am not the only one to notice that in the last year the grammar and spelling in ebook’s had decreased to such a degree that it can ruin a perfectly good book. So far I have been on to two authors about error spotting, as that is only because I care about there books. There stories are wonderful and capture my imagination perfectly, and I want to see them excel. But I digress, this is about me not them.

The reason my own work is crawling is because I look to it, see all the errors (or don’t see them in truth) and feel depressed about getting them published.

“You need money to make money!”

No truer word was said in jest and to be a proper book writer when spelling and grammar is not your strong point emphasizes this. One way to look at this is once the first is out and making an income then the second will already have some funding in place for it. I wont have the funding to get any proof reading done this year and in truth I don’t think I have the courage. to get any done.  I’m sure my work will attract a fan base but the whole uncertainty of it all fills me with fear.

Perhaps I should add a donation function to my blog to help raise money.

Has anyone got any ideas or thoughts on what I have said?

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Awaiting readers response – One nervous unpublished author.